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  1. Domain
    Need an update !
  2. Darth Marr
    Darth Marr
  3. Darth Marr
  4. Ghanta
    Ghanta PARIKRAMA
    Pari, what's up with the bot/user going by the name of the watcher creating so many thread's? The shoutbox timeline looks bad.
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    3. Ghanta
      Rather you can create a small curated box with news being updated as and when the newscasters add new ones.
      Something like tweetbox.
      Mar 16, 2017
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    4. Ghanta
      If you see espncricinfo, they have a tweetbox that is curated regarding cricket tweets. We can have something like that.
      Mar 16, 2017
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      yes i am doing that only.. home page i have the news feed threads.. and i am banning it from SB
      Mar 16, 2017
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  5. Picard
    Picard Riley Amos
    Nice to see you here.
    1. Riley Amos
      Riley Amos
      It certainly is nice to be here!
      Mar 27, 2017
  6. OnePunchMan
    OnePunchMan PARIKRAMA
    whats with this agent 47 banning me for no reason from shoutbox for supporting VSTOL and why is not telling what rule did i violated in the shoutbox.
  7. Levina
    Levina Grevion
    hey there! could u confirm if u had urself changed ur tag to professional troll or was it changed by someone else?
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    2. Levina
      Despite being on the same thread it's not necessary tat moderators would read every line of every post. That's y it is recommended to report posts. :) I did miss tat post.
      Mar 23, 2017
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    3. Grevion
      Ouch! I didn't know you were moderating that thread.
      The contents of that post was offensive towards Islam hence I reported it. Hopefully i did the right thing ^_^
      Mar 23, 2017
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    4. Levina
      Yes u did the right thing kiddo. Report posts wen u find them offending. :)
      Mar 23, 2017
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  8. Domain
    Domain PARIKRAMA
    Pari put that thread in mod que it was highly inappropriate to open that thread and continue, things could have been sorted if not for that thread and replies. Damage has be done , minimise it further till things. settle.
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  9. Grevion
    Grevion seiko
    Where are you nowadays bro?? Seems like KBFC loss in the finals took a toll on you. I hope everything is alright!