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  1. Johny_Baba
    Johny_Baba Domain
    Sir,my e-mail account is hacked and i fear someone would use it to access this account.I request you to delete this account ASAP.
  2. Hindustani78
    Truth alone triumphs; not falsehood.
  3. GuardianRED
    GuardianRED proud_indian
    bro don't start with that anish guy !... don't know what is his problem - he has many many times gone on a BS rant comments on every system. I have reported him many times . He has been banned once for that
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  4. GuardianRED
    GuardianRED Blackjay
    Just asking can we post pics and vids from Instagram here? if yes how?
  5. ashkum2278
    ashkum2278 PARIKRAMA
    Hi Sir,
    Thank you so very much for the updates. They really are like a breath of fresh air. Due to prior commitments of late, I have not been very active. The only reason for me being an active member on the site is a result of your updates. I would be very greatful to you, if you could add me back to you new update list @ashkum2278. Hope you would add me back.Wishing you all the best. Regards.
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    2. ashkum2278
      Dear Sir, thanks for the add....lol
      Nov 28, 2017
  6. InfoWarrior
    Jai Bheesm Pitamah, guide us in defeating our adversaries, just like you easily defeated Parashuram. (Hanuman Ramayan)
  7. InfoWarrior
    Jai Bheesm Ptamah, guide us in dealing with adversaries, just like you easily defeated Parashuram.
  8. The enlightened
  9. Maaki2..
    Hi, all am new here and very much enthusiastic about India's Defence Strategies.
  10. Sanjeev Nanda
    Sanjeev Nanda
    Don't allow someone to make you feel like you're not good enough.
  11. Gessler
    Gessler MiG-23MLD
    Hi - seeing you here after a long time, bro!
  12. InfoWarrior
    InfoWarrior Satendra kumar
    If you guys had joined Fiji army in large numbers then you could have resisted coup in Fiji.
  13. Sanjeev Nanda
    Sanjeev Nanda
    Get Up or Get Kicked..
  14. Reddevil9
    For Honor, For Country, For Brothers.
  15. Lion of Rajputana
    Lion of Rajputana Jamwal
    Hey Bro, good to see you finally made the transition here! Welcome to IDF!
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    2. Jamwal
      Thanks bhai
      Nov 2, 2017