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  1. Swaraj kumar swain
    Swaraj kumar swain
    I love my country
  2. prathmsh
    i new officer
  3. Sathya
    Sathya PARIKRAMA
    Hi Parik, I ve been asking for weekend bullet points..
    It seems members aren't active on free days ..

    I ve realised it now. :)
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  4. Sathya
    Henceforth, available only on Weekends. :)
  5. Satendra kumar
    Satendra kumar GSLV Mk III
    GSLV 111 another satellite launching vehicle to send satellite into orbit which are cost effective affordable.
  6. Angel Eyes
    Angel Eyes Śakra
    Thankss for clearing the doubt mam...
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    2. Śakra
  7. Angel Eyes
    Angel Eyes Śakra
    Greetings mam..... Sorry to disturb you but I wanted to ask you something noob..I saw your post in which you mentioned that the guy who owns Pakistan defense forum owns this site too...I just wanted to know that who is that guy and if he is a Pakistani then how it is possible that he owns IDF...
    ..........The end......
    1. Śakra
      Hey! His name is Tariq Khan and he owns pdf, iranian defence, austalia defence, and turkey defence. That's what the domain registration data shows for those sites. Idk much more than that.
      Jul 11, 2017
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  8. Agent_47
    Agent_47 RMLOVER
    Please try to engage in conversations instead of posting random stuff.
  9. IAF Fan
    Hi Parikrama,
    Not sure if there is a way to send a personal message here. Can you tell more about about the India US secret defense pact? I read your post about it. Also, do you see any connection of the defense pact with the recent standoff between Chinese and Indian troops in Sikkim? Thanks
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  10. Radha Malhotra
    Radha Malhotra
    Sudhanshu Trivedi: Reputation of India as a soft state is over
  11. Radha Malhotra
    Radha Malhotra
    India as a soft state is over
  12. Zer0reZ
  13. bharathp
    bharathp Picard
    1. Picard
      Yeah, forgot about that, though Islam is more of a political ideology than a religion (one of points of my article, actually). Thanks for the video.
      Jul 1, 2017
  14. Zer0reZ
    Please make separate thread on Indian power sector and merge my other post there in world economy.
    2. Separate thread on Indian cyber security & attacks.
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      Sure.. Let me know which post to move and i will do the same.. Thanks..
      Jun 29, 2017
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