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  1. old driver
    old driver An Indian
    I want to talk to you.i found you are clever through the things you say.others Indian said China is bad because they hate china.but you can use some"fact"about china. I hope I can let you know those "fact"are not true
    1. An Indian
      An Indian
      We can use Chat.

      I can tell you this. No we don't hate China. But given the global experience and there are sufficient examples, we are cautious and do not trust China.

      I can cite those examples if you like.
      Sep 17, 2017
    Aham Brahmasmi!!!
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    2. Sathya
      Thanks read it. Finally went sad.:(
      Hopefully some good news soon.
      Sep 8, 2017
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  4. Grevion
    Grevion Kalmuahlaunda
    Baba is banned again. Why??
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    2. Grevion
      Contact @PARIKRAMA
      See if he can do anything, if the problem is from your side then maybe you should try a different network
      Sep 6, 2017
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    3. Kalmuahlaunda
      Lets see bhai, i have given him the details, hope the issue gets solved quickly
      Sep 6, 2017
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    4. Grevion
      I think it was your DP that that got you banned. Apparently one pakistani member had the same with a women carrying an Indian flag, they have a bunch of hypocrites as mods there.
      Sep 6, 2017
  5. Sathya
    Sathya PARIKRAMA
    Hi Parik, if the new DM is known to you..
    I am ready to assist in any area that's required..
    I believe lot of our forum members are also up for it.

    Is this the reason you are busy lately ?
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  6. old driver
    1. An Indian
      Sep 3, 2017
  7. old driver
  8. Angel Eyes
    Angel Eyes PARIKRAMA
    Hello sir, what happened to twin engined mk2s if we are going for single engine....
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  9. Wolfpack
    Bolo Bhai, i would try my best to help our bharatis.
  10. Anupam Choudhary
    Anupam Choudhary Manmohan Yadav
    Sir I want to join Indian Army through NDA. No matter which force I get from NDA.
    But I only want to know that what are the eye standards. I have 6/6 vision in left eye, but in right one/ its 6/36 -6/60, with a tiny white spot . This problem is by birth. Can u help me sir?
    I m Anupam Choudhary, class 10
    Kendriya Vidyalaya DRDO, Bangalore.
  11. ashkum2278
    ashkum2278 PARIKRAMA
    Hello Sir, do we have any update on F-16/Gripen as to what is the Position of GOI/MOD/IAF with reference to procurement. Also there has been a lot of speculation lately, that GOI has limited finance, due to which it would be a tossup between Rafaels or PAkFA/FGFA. IS this true that we would either procure rafaels in large numbers or PAKFA due to budget constraints.
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      Finance issue is not the only challenge.. product offered is not matured enough to meet our needs.. so FGFA need a bit more time.. SE otoh is firmed up.. u shud hear more on that soon..
      Aug 31, 2017
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  12. Kalmuahlaunda
    Kalmuahlaunda Wolfpack
    Bhai you're a doctor right? I need your help
  13. Hawk Wang
    Hawk Wang old driver
  14. old driver
    old driver Hawk Wang
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    2. Hawk Wang
      Hawk Wang
      Aug 30, 2017
  15. arbit
    arbit PARIKRAMA
    Your source based post are a delight to read. I am not able to post much due to my silly schedule and age old mobile but your fact based approach makes visiting this forum worthwhile.
    Just do tag me when you post something source based. :)
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      Thank you sir. Will do for sure.
      Aug 26, 2017