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Desi Jatt
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Oct 11, 2013
Apr 7, 2010
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January 4

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Desi Jatt

Captain, from Kolkata/Ludhiana

Desi Jatt was last seen:
Oct 11, 2013
    1. genmirajborgza786
    2. Osiris
      hi bro...how is life going...
    3. Spartacus+
    4. Spartacus+
    5. Karthic Sri
      Karthic Sri
      chetta - i guess bro !

      Not sure....and sorry for the late reply...:)
    6. RoYaN
      DJ you should take a look at this thread "Lashkar militants abduct and kill two sisters in Sopore" before it become a flame thread....
    7. Tshering22
      Thanks paaji. :)
    8. Tshering22
      Meditation exists in all branches of Dharma including Sikh Dhamma. Do you think Guru Nanak did not meditate on the Supreme :)? Every divine personality whether Guru Nanak of Sikh Dharma, Guru Rinpoche of our faith, Rishi Agastya of mainstream Hindus, or Tritankar Mahavira of Jains; all meditated. Meditation is today classified as something "Hindu or Buddhist" because the 'isms' that the Christian and Muslim foreigners of medieval India, since they could not understand the complex, overlapping different branches of our one common ancient way of life. Perhaps you do not know yet how deep Dharma is and that how this "Hindu", "Sikh", "Buddhist", "Jain" etc classification was made to keep the people believing in the "Melting Pot" theory and keep them divided in this country.

      On transport, you could use bus services that are there and if you are cash rich, even helicopter service is available. Once you make it here, it is not too difficult to reach north Sikkim.
    9. Tshering22
      Nice nice. Friends is a good way to enjoy this place since it makes mobility easier and more comfortable than family alone. The best times normally are in March and onwards since it is pleasantly cool in summer here (unlike north). My profile pic is lake Tsomgo. It is a very spiritual and beautiful place. Try meditating with your eyes closed near the lake. You will feel amazing.
    10. Tshering22
      That's nice. A fellow Nat Geo friend of mine is getting married on 11th feb (second) and has invited me. This region is in Mahakali district (bordering our Uttarakhand) in Nepal. :happy:. To you Sikkim is exotic trip, to me Nepal :lol: (though Sikkim is exotic to me as well somewhat since I have only moved in sometime back and still have my 'home' base in Delhi).

      About snow, you will find it in northern Sikkim right now, especially on the mountain peaks and even in Nathu La's ranges. Try visiting the Tsomgo Lake and the Gurudongmar Lake. There are plenty more places to visit.

      Just get in some serious winter clothing since you are planning an adventure and mountain sides especially in north Sikkim are ruthless right now with terrible snowing. BTW are you coming with family?
    11. Tshering22
      Sorry paji, didn't see your msg...
    12. MAFIAN GOD
      can we have a sub-forum on cricket and sports in Members club forum?
    13. CONNAN
      I HAD POSTED LINK from ndtv cheers for republic day parade video
    14. Tshering22
      There's a strong possibility that it might still be there but depends. This time there has been some abnormal chills all over north and northeast. I didn't get much time pursuing stuff running up and down to other states (with laptop and 3G of course.. how could I miss commenting of defence forums LOL?). I will check up and let you know if there is any.

      But for an easier approach, why not check up on the net itself with tour operators in the region? I am sure you will find it easier through them rather than attempting your own. Don't be too optimistic; weather's played quite a havoc around and some village bridges (plank ones) have been known to break this time.
    15. DaRk KnIght
      DaRk KnIght
      Wishing you a very very happy Birthday.
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