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Jun 5, 2011
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My hobbie is my job. And it make good money.

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Lt. Colonel, Male, from Scotland


http://indiandefence.com/threads/ukraine-turmoil-news-commentary-and-analysis.43536/page-48 Mar 14, 2014

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    2. Marqueur
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    3. G777
    4. G777
      Has somthing happened in particular? Stolen data or hacked computer?
    5. omya
      hey hiiii.... you have any idea about the UK's data piracy laws ? thanks :)
    6. Gessler
      Hi G777.

      It's been such a long time since I've seen you around here.
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    7. Manmohan Yadav
      Manmohan Yadav
      thanks, where have you been all this time
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    8. Himanshu Pandey
      Himanshu Pandey
      so its researcher or elite?
    9. tariqkhan18
      Have you served in the military?
    10. smestarz
      5. The fuselage has total 3 compartments the divded along the plane, the central compartment is for the engine, and the compartments to its left or right holds revolver system or a system to carry upto 4 AMRAAM missles each or two Cruise missles

      6. There is no glass cockpit but screens which show the pilot the view outside, thus the position of the cockpit need not be on higher part of the plane but can be within the shape of the plane to give it good speed and maneuverability

      7. The plane has LERX to help with maneverability.
      The primary design part is maneuverability and speed, stealth is secondary. Also it is vital that it has the two VTOL fans this is important because that might not only help in shorter take off and landing, but also assist in carrying heavier loads.

      8. Maybe we can later take out the fans and put in extra fuel tanks in case of long range bombing mission.

    11. smestarz
      Hello, am trying a new design, flying wing
      Some of the design summary is

      1. Stealth in shape,

      2. High wing, but the wing is strong and holds 2 big fans (for helping VTOL), the top part of the wing has 6 part door (difficult to explain, but something like camera shutter) and the lower part of the door is twin doored (normal doors) with the internal part of the door housing 2 missiles each thus the missiles are shielded) the external of this door can also have two pylon attachment for having Short range or medium range missiles)

      3. the tip of the wing that can be moved up or level so that it can act as wing or even the rudder

      4. The main engine is 120 kN + engine giving it higher supersonic speed. The intakes are angled and blended on the wings itself. The engine can be normal and a thrust vectoring nozzle can be fitted to the end of the engine thus not complicating the actual design of the engine,
    12. smestarz
      Hello G777 I did post a thought on "Design new fighter thread" sort of looking at revamped model of Me-163 with Kaveri engine, a little elongated body of say 7 metres. Want the plane to take off from Foldable catapult, and land either on plane deck or water.
      Check out my ideas and tell me your views,

    13. Sinchan
    14. G777
      Thnks guys, been away doing stuff.
    15. Steel
      Congrats dude for being promoted as Premium member.:cheers:
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