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Jan 22, 2017
Apr 19, 2010
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Jan 22, 2017
    1. Ganimi kawa
      Ganimi kawa
      Nice to find you here,mate! I was gonna approach Benny with a list of people from PDF who should join us here. You and Bang galore were on it. But as I can see both of you are here already.
    2. Bang Galore
      Bang Galore
      When were you banned? for how long? Must confess that I didn't read the thread concerned (???) because I didn't see your name anywhere. Don't read all the threads these days, same old stuff & too many names in pink to register in my brain. I guess they don't need an excuse.Any will do.
    3. Bang Galore
      Bang Galore
      Not just biased, its getting stupid. Same arguments, same responses & bans get handed out disproportionately. Benny getting banned? Ridiculous! I understand Karan 1970's reasoning. So many guys banned, feels like it's only a matter of time before they ban all of us. It doesn't seem to matter to them because there are plenty of fresh faces to take those places even if all they do is contribute to the general lowering of IQ's across the forum. They don't seem to want Indians to debate with, only those that indulge them with foolish behavior.
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