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Mar 18, 2012
Sep 30, 2010
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Mar 18, 2012
    1. SpArK
    2. flanker143
      hello sir.....
      welcome to IDF.....we really need big guys like you here.....
      thank you for joining.....
    3. SpArK
      Blame it on mt aggressive marketing.. i want you to stay here more... this place needs to get built and get big.. in return i will make another avatar for u like this one... a better one.. :pleasantry:
    4. SpArK
      sirji back... good and great..
    5. Patrician
      Jai hind sir.
    6. Zaki
      Good to see you here indian army :)
      Hello and take care
    7. desiman
      Yes the forum is very biased for sure, but i guess that's the way they want it. I have been banned many times for speaking my mind so I really dont care. I dont post much on there nowdays anyways. It used to be a great place before but the inclusion of some mods has totally changed it. There are huge double standards on many issues and hate and conspiracy theories are openly propagated. Its good to have you here sir, you are welcome to speak you mind here, our moderation standards are as unbiased as it can get and we encourage you to share your experiences with us. I am very flattered that you hold me in such high regard and cant really thank you enough. We will be making some huge changes to this place in the coming days, stay tuned for more info.
    8. desiman
      Hello Sir

      What happened on P.D.F, why did you leave ? I heard that you were not happy with the mods but I never go an opportunity to check the thread that was created by you that Arjun had told me about.
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