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Jun 7, 2011
Oct 14, 2010
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2nd Lieutant, from Land of the Guns

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Jun 7, 2011
    1. RoYaN
      just browse through the social and political affairs sub-Forum you will see how much i take him on and his posting style.........
    2. desiman
      its fine, im watching that thread closely, keep fighting, mujhe jangli bilyaan bahut pasand hai muhaaaaa :P
    3. RoYaN
      He invited a lot of people form PDF by the alias bigbrother.......
      If only his neurons were half has built as his muscles........
    4. desiman
      lol omg wow, they really like you :P kush ho jao, itne sare ladke pade hai tumare peche :P same at work, so trying to edit post as fast as I can lol
    5. RoYaN
      Its barely 6 months old......
      The beta version was launched on 15 aug this year and a few weeks ago it joined the world defense network....
      Most probably brain_dead invited you he went on a inviting spree on PDF.............

      Not unhappy just a bit dazed me and some of the Indians on the forum spent quite a bit of time auguring with you on PDF ..........

      Your arguments with brain_dead is down right funny...:lol:
    6. desiman
      lol yeh log tume nehi chodenge, kyun bekar mein panga le rehi ho unse lol
    7. RoYaN
      Hey there, You seam to an active poster from across the border, How do you find This site??????
    8. SpArK
      Even i have stopped posting temporarily. There was fun even when senior members fight it out in threads. We all talked in sanity. But nowadays lots of trolls and insane ones from both sides and some biased decisions from few mods. I too will return when the normal posters return back to the forum.
    9. SpArK

      How are things.. Nowadays looks like you scaled down the India bashing,. Why ?? what happened?

    10. Blackenthesky
      Fine......n ya??
    11. Blackenthesky
      hey hi jana ma'am!!! i hope you remember me:smile:..hehehe you were the first to welcome me on PDF but,here the table turns.So welcome to the forum.
    12. desiman
      lol thats what i told you, Jana Shah ko kuch nehi ho sakta :P

      Come to Toronto sometime, Green Magarmach orange tongue will take you on a city tour :P
    13. desiman
      lol look who is talking :P use bacha ke raka hi padega ab specially tumse :P

      orange tongue green magarmach lolzzzzz thats funny, ill be back there soon dun wry :P

      delhi belly is when new people come to Delhi and cant tolerate the spicy cuisine and get a upset stomach, lol why u ask ???? coming to Delhi moti ?
    14. desiman
      LOL your too much :P ya banned as always on the green website :P I dont think they like me much there :P yup moderator, finally freedom to express my opinions freely lol Welcome moti, hope you continue to taunt Indians around here as well :P
    15. desiman
      tum kya kar rehi ho ider lol :P
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    "In Lal Chowk (Indian occupied J&K) even today flag of Pakistan is being hoisted.â€￾ said Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha national president Anurag Thakur :victory: