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Manmohan Yadav
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Nov 11, 2017
Jul 1, 2011
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A Parallel Universe

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Manmohan Yadav

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Aquila Non Capit Muscas Aug 25, 2014

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Viewing thread Strategic partnership - France in India, Nov 11, 2017
    1. omya
      hey buddy how abt creating a poll on govt. subsidy schemes.. should b given or not... or which 1 shouldnt b given at all ... lets c every1s point of views on it :cool:
    2. Gessler
      Yep I'll look the mouse up in Croma store nearby. Its pretty much impossible
      to get any such electric stuff that's not made in ***** nowadays in India. Its
      a pure monopoly they enjoy over our market.

      Thanks for renaming the P-8I thread.
    3. Gessler
      Yes I've been busy with some system enhancement procedures with the PC. Haven't
      been able to go online for sometime, my BEAM Fiber connection reported a few problems,
      so I had trouble going online for sometime.

      Presently, I am suffering from a faulty mouse. The mouse wheel sometimes refuses to
      act, at other times its the LMB that gives way. It has hardly been 3 months since I bought
      this mouse, I flipped it over and there I could read the words "Product Of..." you know
      the country, don't cha?

      I cursed the country for making such crappy stuff, now I plan on buying a new mouse.
    4. Gessler
      Hi Manmohan ji, would you take the trouble of re-naming the P-8 maritime aircraft
      thread in IN section? It is titled as "P-8 Poseidon", now that's its very much clear that's
      not what the IN-operated plane is called, a re-naming to "P-8I Neptune: News and Discussions"
      would be fine, or so I think.
    5. G777
      Moderator. Well done mate, keep up the good work. :tup:
    6. smestarz
      Sorry was on a "mission" making love to the enemy
    7. Gessler
      Nothing. It's just that AA is regarded as troll No.1 and once he becomes ELITE, the
      other members might well be thrown into confusion.

      Well I guess AA deserves to be Elite though, I've talked with Himanshu Pandey on the same
      issue. He did contribute a massive number of posts for the forum, regardless of their
      quality or whether he agrees with the others or not...

      AA in light-blue uniform is an event to see and remember in the near future:coffee:
    8. Gessler
      Brrr...I'm very afraid. Just 101 more posts and you guys will have to promote AA to
      Elite Member rank.:terrorist:
    9. Himanshu Pandey
      Himanshu Pandey
      clothing detail bhej do... to main try karunga
    10. Himanshu Pandey
      Himanshu Pandey
      bhai mera to bada bura experince hai threads ko lekar... tu back ke rahio.

      aur business chalu hone me kitna time hai
    11. Himanshu Pandey
      Himanshu Pandey
      badhai ho Ab crimmany bad ne tera congrats karne ka tarika copy kar liya
    12. Marqueur
      thanx MY for the info ... criminally bad and other guy !!!! i thought they were same !!!
    13. Manmohan Yadav
      Manmohan Yadav
      will remember that in my future export consignments
    14. smestarz
      Now the payment for iron ore is 98% LC and balance 2% after CCIQ inspection, but the price of 54% Fe is far far cheaper than 63% Fe, if the cargo is purchased at 100$ a ton (the price then fr 63% Fe) 54% Fe was about 65$ thus there was difference of 35$ per ton where as the Chinese buyer as per the LC term just could hold 2$ per ton, thus they lost 33$ per ton,
      They put a case against NMTC and NABARD (who were the exporters) and the exporter had asked some Shipper from Goa (non goa person) to effect the shipment on their behalf, The case is still going on in China, so not many people trust SGS now, for reliability, they have very modern lab, but it is the people who are not trusted
    15. smestarz
      You dont understand, my friends in China do not trust the BUYER, they feel the buyer will contact the seller directly.
      Further, abou SGS, SGS is one of the oldest inspection organisation, and now one of the most pathetic, SGS can easily manipulate the report for you.
      There have been many instances (and some I know for a fact because i was there) where the seller had brought just 54% Fe material (supplied by my friend to seller) and the seller did not blend with higher grade, and then exported 54% Fe as 63% Fe material.
      SGS had checked the cargo during loading and drawn samples during loading of the vessel, and certified it as 63% Fe material,
      When the vessel arrived in China, the seller authorized CCIQ to inspect the lot, and also he asked SGS china to take samples and both CCIQ and SGS china certified it as 54% Fe.
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