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    1. Gessler
      You'll just have to do a google search mate. Type Islamic mullah in the search field
      and behold!

      Sorry I can't post any links to info now because I'm on I-pad and I'm not comfortable
      with the controls of copy pasting.

      Just one phrase to define a crazy mullah : GOD'S PERFECT ARSEHOLE
    2. Himanshu Pandey
      Himanshu Pandey
      those are some stupid people.. who never traveled the world and think their well is bigger then ocean... I am a brahiman boy.. count was 12( for serious ones) when I got married and I married for love:smokin:.. didn't read that more then 3 para:lol:
    3. Gessler
      The rail gun is very much real. The US is currently developing the Electromagnetic Rail Gun to
      be mounted on future warships.

      Read about it here: Railgun

      I don't know much about Russian developments in WW2, but here's something from that
      time period which may interest you - the Coil-gun
    4. Gessler
      They mean India is not a your-wish-is-my-command lieutenant of US like Britain is. Because
      we had tested our missile in the midst of Iran and NK testing missiles of their own.

      US had been particularly critical of Iranian/NK advances in missile tech but now India was
      doing something more serious, and the US could not raise a finger on us. Making it
      difficult for their diplomats to corner Iran/NK without earning the title of being a
      selective judge.

      It's basically a warning for US diplomacy on the part of the said experts that India won't
      be a Britain, but maybe llike a France. Which means India is a friend, not a hostile, BUT, India
      is a friend who acts autonomously, not one who does whatever you tell it to do.
    5. Gessler
      Hi, sorry I only just noticed your VM.

      Yes, I've also heard the Voice Command feature is nice, but I haven't personally
      experienced it because by microphone is not working, I'm going to get a new set
      soon, will try it out then.

      Even without voice commanding, the mouse+keyboard controls are fairly smooth and easy to grasp.

      Yes, I have bought the legal copy distributed by e-xpress in a licensed store for Rs. 299 /-
    6. Gessler
      Ofcourse it's worth playing. Unlike CoH, EndWar is set in future, it's about World War 3.

      In addition to the usual infantry, tanks & artillery, you can also order around helicopter gunships.

      The gameplay is similar to CoH. Read about it on the net.
    7. Gessler
      Just bought Tom Clancy's EndWar and Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen games...me likes
      them both.

      EndWar is very good, tests your timing & strategy.

      Do you play it too?
    8. Manmohan Yadav
    9. Manmohan Yadav
      Manmohan Yadav
      even you can do that, if you have any probs then ask, after all its your idea
      so you should lead
    10. Himanshu Pandey
      Himanshu Pandey
      bania is business people.... vaishya in varna system
    11. Marqueur
      yes pdf aahet ... actually what i downloaded before was in jpg format ... i converted one by one in to pdf .. was total headache ...
    12. Marqueur
      Tintin Complete Collection (download torrent) - TPB
    13. omya
    14. Himanshu Pandey
    15. Marqueur
      ok me sangto MMY any HP !!!
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