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    1. Gessler
      Then ofcourse, it depends on a lot of factors like range, the use of EW/jamming, etc.

      If you're using a F-16 or F-15, then you will have some problems locking on to F-22 before
      it locks on to you.
    2. Gessler
      I do not think F-35 ever participated in any Red Flag exercise. Only aircraft that are
      operational and in active service, part of actual fighter squadrons, take part in Red Flag.

      F-35 is still in development.
    3. Gessler
      amazing !! :smile:
    4. Gessler
      No you don't have those triangles in real life, but aircraft can plot a path into and out of
      certain high-threat areas by calculating threat locations and time delay.

      Rafale's SPECTRA is very good at this (in real life).

    5. Gessler
      Some pics from HAWX 2 -








      P.S. - You can also land and take off from aircraft carriers in HAWX 2
    6. Gessler
      The campaign is somewhat longer in HAWX 2...perhaps because you play from 3 perspectives,
      Alex Hunter of HAWX Squadron, Colin Munro of Royal UK Navy and Sokov of Russian AF.

      The graphics are improved in HAWX 2 ofcourse, but the real cool thing is the realism and
      immersion levels are also increased, but somehow the game didn't do well with the critics
      that much.

      The extra bits are cool: -

      1) In Hawx 2, player-controlled taking off and landing at airbases is included.
      2) Mid-air refueling is also added
      3) Dogfighting is a lot more realistic and immersive, the cannon is such a delight to use in Hawx 2
      4) The maneuvering etc. is a lot more realistic, Assistance OFF mode is no longer needed.
      5) You also get to control UAVs and AC-130 gunship in some missions.

      It's certainly worth the download...I did it, and I can't say I wasted any time.
    7. Gessler
      No, any plane can, even LCA.

      But the NUMBER is varying, for most high-end aircraft its usually 8 targets at a time,
      and then there are planes who can engage only 4 or 6 targets at a time.
    8. Gessler
      In real world? Yes. But it's not a specility of the missile, all aircraft today can
      track & lock on to multiple air/ground targets, and engage a bunch of them at
      the same time.

      Rafale can engage 8 targets at the same time in the real world, this is done
      with normal missiles and is actually a trick of the radar, not the missile. In the
      game though, only 4 targets can be engaged at once with a special missile
      (the Multi-AA & Multi-AG).
    9. Gessler
      Lemme know if you want any info about HAWX...:evilgrin:

      I know this game like the back of the hand.:police:
    10. Gessler
      There are many, look here: Tom Clancy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    11. Gessler
      Clancy never wrote a book on HAWX...Ubisoft has been using his name on games
      which even had little to no direct contribution from late Mr. Clancy.
    12. Gessler
      Anything is possible in Tom Clancy universe:cheesy:
    13. Gessler
      Haha yes. That's a giant ROFLMAO.

      Depending on fighter type, missiles count is usually between 6 and 15...if multi-ejector racks
      are used, it is even more (depending on the plane's payload capacity).

      Look in Wikipedia for each fighter type's capacity and number of missile hardpoints.

      But in HAWX, missiles grow on trees.:lol: The Joint Strike Missile is wonderful, it
      shoots all kinds of targets.:cheesy:
    14. Gessler

    15. Gessler
      The ships in Rio are from Las Trinidad, Artemis is working for Brazil.

      Those are not Artemis ships, you're still working with DeWinter's organization.


      That weapon systems problem is the only instance in whole campaign...but later on,
      you'll be operating with varied types of handicaps in some missions...like having to face
      enemy jamming, having to fly at low altitude to evade radar detection, and using passive
      systems to locate enemy emitters etc etc.
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