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  1. ripudaman liked The enlightened's post in the thread Strategic partnership - France in India.

    Buyer-Seller Relationship rephrased to fool suckers. To sell its products. Which we should have been making ourselves. Not something...

    Nov 12, 2017
  2. ripudaman liked randomradio's post in the thread Rafale deal signed.

    I penned this on a different forum. Take it for what it's worth. =============== You simply haven't considered the timeframe of all...

    Oct 9, 2017
  3. ripudaman liked vstol jockey's post in the thread F16, Gripen - Make In India Single Engine Aircraft - News and possibilities.

    Are these guys in DRDO reading my posts? The moment I change my design, they too change their design. So much so that even the RFI for...

    Aug 8, 2017
  4. ripudaman moved from brahmANDa to sarvatra.

    May 30, 2017
  5. ripudaman replied to the thread Ask SHIV AROOR!.

    My questions for Shiv Aroor: In your opinion, how much, if at all, is the Indian military complex infiltrated by external intelligence...

    May 30, 2017
  6. ripudaman liked YarS's post in the thread Ask SHIV AROOR!.

    If you will be ordered to invent new united goverment language for India, from what will you start? Why? Should this language be simple...

    May 30, 2017