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Jun 11, 2011
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Lt. Colonel

    1. Manmohan Yadav
      Manmohan Yadav
      Yes, that is possible but what about security, If close to friendly shores then its great, but if too close enemy territory, then there will be a threat of Special Ops taking out the weapon, and the Protection ships being targeted by Air Crafts or land based missiles
    2. Manmohan Yadav
      Manmohan Yadav
      Sorry I was away in Pune for past 2 weeks, The weapon system is good, but what i find lacking is adequate power source. Since the weapon is placed underwater, the battery life will be very limited, its the power sources that needs rethinking.
    3. halloweene
      hello smestarz, as you see i'm back (wont tell you wherefrom ;) )
    4. Himanshu Pandey
      Himanshu Pandey
      and this made you my best buddy... for going behind enemy lines
    5. Himanshu Pandey
      Himanshu Pandey
      sounds like a tough battle... congrats on winning territory of enemy :wink:
    6. Manmohan Yadav
    7. Manmohan Yadav
      Manmohan Yadav
      Arre bhai where have you been for almost a week
    8. Himanshu Pandey
      Himanshu Pandey
      hope mission accomplished and you had penetrated deep in enemy line.
    9. Himanshu Pandey
      Himanshu Pandey
      where are you TT nowadays?
    10. Marqueur
      Which language you are learning ??? i just had a hair cut La Coupe Fronce de Hair ... bal kate bhi hai aur pata bhi nahi chal rahe hai :lol: :rofl:
    11. Marqueur
      nice ... women in uniform are always hot !!!

      and stop telling me about some other countries net speed ... makes me feel miserable with my 512 kbps connection... :lol:
    12. Marqueur
      my US friend had unlimited 2Mbps connection and paid 10USD/month in 2006 ... this is bound to happen when old farts like kapil sibal are made telecom ministers ... who dont understand the industries or common peoples growing needs ... and even private ISP are happy by inaction of gov.
    13. Marqueur
      i dont even want to go to that nomination thread ... so posting here

      my friend is all freaked out ... within a week .. he has dark circles under his eyes ... the baby sleeps in the day ... n keep them awake in the night ... he has lost his sense of smell ... he in charge of changing diapers :sarcastic: my friends says that his kid must has been a call center employee in past life ... has the same sleep cycle.
    14. Himanshu Pandey
      Himanshu Pandey
      bus count dekhe the maine forum page pe... sari post to dekhi nhi..
    15. Himanshu Pandey
      Himanshu Pandey
      50 post in a day... amazing speed after becoming TT:LMAO:
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