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Aug 25, 2011
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Lieutenant, from Jsr

    1. Himanshu Pandey
      Himanshu Pandey
      its subjective in mains and objective in prelims... upscportal.com and iascraker.com are 2 sites which you can refer
    2. Himanshu Pandey
    3. Blackwater
    4. jagjitnatt
      Its a bogus article. The maintenance is nowhere close to $1 billion a year. Its just a political game to sell off Migs to by Chinese aircraft. Mudslinging in politics. Nothing else.
    5. SpArK
      its working fine.
    6. DragonKnight
      Where do you stay Btw, Steel? In JSR i mean ( your'e at jamshedpur, aren't you?)
    7. Skull and Bones
      Skull and Bones
      For the time being is meant for senior members only, not sure though. Ping the admins regarding this issue.
    8. jagjitnatt
      Yes, that is thrust vectoring. TVC is the technology that allows the engine nozzles to be pointed in different directions to assist the planes in turning at a higher rate.

      Some planes can vector their nozzles in 2 dimensions(up and down) while Su35, and PakFa can vector nozzles in 3D(up-down, left-right, and diagonally, i.e. in every direction)

      An important factor in TVC is the degree to which the nozzles change their direction, for e.g.: a 20 degree vectoring nozzles would outperform a 10 degree vectoring nozzle.
    9. tariqkhan18
      That site doesn't want its news shared, so we have put things in place so users can't do that.
    10. Vritra
      Those are thrust vectoring nozzles (TVN) on the MiG-29OVT, so yes, in a sense it is called thrust vectoring.

      When an aircraft manipulates the direction of its thrust to aid its manoeuvering, it is known as thrust vectoring. Usually this is done by moving the engine nozzles in different axes. This allows the aircraft to pull manoeuvers at angles and speeds that conventional aircraft cannot usually do. This kind of manoeuverability is usually known as "supermanoeuverability", which I'm sure you've read before.

      An example of supermanoueverability on Su-30MKI:

      Static engine (Saturn 117, used on Su-35) displaying thrust vectoring nozzles:

      Model aircraft displaying thrust vectoring nozzles, to show how the engine vectors its thrust:
    11. DragonKnight
      Well I am not sure, i think + is shown to each other marking that we're friends, if you look at your other friends name it might appear with a + sign,
    12. DragonKnight
      Pardon, bro?
    13. tariqkhan18
    14. TereBinLaden
      Thank you matey, but honestly I don't know what are the benefits, neither have I explored till now nor I have any Idea, I think the colour and the Badge of 'Star Member' is all about it. I will let you know if I discover anything more, sorry for a late reply but I was not checking notification for a while.
    15. TereBinLaden
      Actually I should have thanked you for offering me a friend status, my bad I didnt reply you before you did. you are welcome mate.
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