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Apr 3, 2010
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    1. Gessler
      Nothing much, its a little war of words that erupted at a party meeting at Zilla Parishad (ZP) level
      that I and a couple of my friends attended on TDP's side. The Congress counterparts hurled a few abuses on
      our party workers there and a tussle began with both parties throwing shoes and stones at
      each other and ended with me and a couple of others put at the local PS for a while and let off,
      happens all the time, but we had to stay at the PS for 8 hrs straight, my folks were worried whether
      the cops might thrash me but nothin' serious happened though.
    2. Gessler
      Hi I should be asking you...Ive been away for a while from the internet, got
      involved in some political bish bash.
    3. Sinchan
      Sir I want to show u something "Beti Ch**don say kaun baat kar sakta hai? Jinka dharm hee yeh ho." these r the words of our PROFFESIONAL member "VASTOL JOCKY" and by saying "DHARAM" he means "MUSLIMS". he is saying that muslims r betichood. sir i joind this forum to bash pakistani and pandas but i have been fighting with hindu nationalist. sir vastol don't deserve the user rank of PROFFESINOL, cause he is not here to talk about millitry stuff but to spread his anti muslim propagenda.sir m a muslim, i can tolerate if anyone abuses me but i can't if anyone abuses my religion.please don't let people make this forum HINDU DEFENCE FORUM.i have reported this but i know that no serious action will be taken that's why m sending this mesege to u. sir please put a permanent ban on VASTOL JOCKY and also ban his IP addres. m waiting for ur reply.!!!
    4. Skull and Bones
      Skull and Bones
      I didn't deleted any such threads, i only delete threads which are related to religions or inappropriate political threads.
    5. Manmohan Yadav
      Manmohan Yadav
      what happened to the Recent post display board, really miss it, i see only only shout box in its place
      please get it back
    6. Himanshu Pandey
      Himanshu Pandey
      bro... may you please give a warning Average American from promoting anti-muslim things here... we all know how much hard it is to maintain peace between people and now with his increase muslim attacks a lot of good members had gone for this anti-muslim feeling... I like it as it was in past where we had discuss all things like Indians and defended each other as Indians rather then being anti muslim or anti-hindu...

      please do something about it
    7. kewlol
      gosh, i wonder how long is that gonna take me to reach there. Any guess on how long before i become one?
    8. kewlol
      Hey bud, got a question, i am wondering why ain't i allowed to speak in the chatbox? Is there a restriction? what should i do to get access to it?
    9. kewlol
      Thanks man, much appreciate it!
    10. SajeevJino
      Sir................You really Miss those days...........

      Lot of guests coming these days..and Every time a New record sealed..............

      First Congrats to you.............
    11. Gessler
      How're you doing Tariqkhan ji:smile:

      Its been over two months since I joined this forum and I liked every bit of it
      so far. Admire the way you and the other mods kept it up tidy and a place
      to gain and share knowledge...a few dolts on the net managed to make troll grounds
      out of many forums out there but still this one stands out of the crowd, being
      very disciplined and informative at the same time.

      Wishing this forum a nice and glorious future:india:
    12. ManuSankar
    13. CONNAN
      sorry for late reply i had a car crash i just started to walk since yesterday and the is my first login ill get back to u soon
    14. Himanshu Pandey
      Himanshu Pandey
      thanks bro... and please promote economic and social issues more on forum so the people like me give better contribution.
    15. Himanshu Pandey
      Himanshu Pandey
      Tariq I am unable to change my signature. may you please help
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