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Jan 27, 2011
Sep 13, 2010
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2nd Lieutant, from Gods own country.

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Jan 27, 2011
    1. jagjitnatt
      you can search for CISMOA on the internet. not much info is available, but you might get some. My source of info wasn't the internet so can't recommend anything.
    2. jagjitnatt
      Don't worry, I never get irritated.
      With CISMOA, we will be able to seamlessly interact with American forces, air force,naval assets all through the same channel. But only those aircraft will be able to communicate through that channel that have CISMOA compatible comm systems installed. FGFA, LCA won't have those.
      So even if we sign CISMOA, only C-130J and C17 will be able to communicate with American forces. And we can not use our own satellite. We won't be able to decode the data.
    3. True_Indian
      Thank you for the reply..i was very worried about this agreement..
      i agree that we are not net centeric yet but we plan to have it.
      so if cismoa signed means all our network communications will be accessible to americans ( including communication between lca and fgfa and phalcon awac ). Right ? Or will this be tackled by not using US gps system and by using our own Satalite (potential one ). ?
      I hope i am not irritating you with so many questions.
    4. jagjitnatt
      We already have our own datalinks, so we don't need CISMOA. Even with Cismoa, we won't be able to exploit it fully, not even 20 percent because our land units are not on the comm as of yet.

      MKIs and other Russian/European aircraft can operate in a diff comm system, but it would be complex to have 2 channels to handle, hence the no to CISMOA.
    5. jagjitnatt
      If they want to, they can program it in such a way. CISMOA is basically for communication between different aircraft, infantry units, artilley, all in all, complete military.
      Under CISMOA, they will have access to all our communication data through satelites.
    6. Patrician
      It means, "There's no point in arguing with you" in simple words lol
    7. desiman
      lol nothing changed, just trying to get this place going, trying to do my bit. LOL job is still there but yes lots of free time nowdays at work before the next batch of projects come up, then you wont see me again :P and gf is still here also lol
    8. True_Indian
      Fine little busy..thats all nice to see new members are coming..how is brain dead..still a angry young man ?
    9. brain_dead
      there is so much that i can write. but i have to refrain, since its not good for the image of this forum.
    10. jagjitnatt
      Border Infiltration is not impossible. We have fencing, but not complete border is fenced, we have outposts with snipers, but monitoring complete border is impossible.
      Infiltration occurs at the border of Azad Kashmir. Here the terrorists cross the border at night, they jump over the electric fences, and are supported by covering fire, or little skirmishes at some nearby outpost which diverts the attention of security forces.
    11. desiman
      cant find him, send me a link to his profile, black is mainly for think tanks and super mods so I really dont know why he has black.
    12. illuminatidinesh
      My avatar is meant to tell others that self realisation.. Illumination within urself.
      It is not an X-ray.
    13. jagjitnatt
      Check the date of the thread man. That was a long time ago. It was when I was respected at PDF. I still had faith in them.
    14. jagjitnatt
      Who told you I am going back to pdf? I am not going anywhere. Never back to that place.
    15. Arjun MBT
      Arjun MBT
      I am Not against any Discussions , Nor am I against any debates, after all This forum Encourages Everything Except Going For Deep Religious Explorations, This Is a Secular Forum of a Secular Country, and This Forum Encourages People Who are secular and Un Biased , The very Purpose of this Forum is to Bring Out Patriotism Not religionism , Other Social Issues could be discussed After all we are Social Animals and Its Encouraged too....... Hop You get me sir
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