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Jan 29, 2012
Dec 13, 2010
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Gangtok, Sikkim, India
Freelance adventurer-current contract with Nat Geo

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Captain, from Gangtok, Sikkim, India

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Jan 29, 2012
    1. 4Aces
      you speak my language, i like your posts.

      god bless.

      jai hind.
    2. RoYaN
      About the blanket cover It may be changed when the new engine comes but im not sure......
      The intake bending upward to meet the engine may the a reason.........
      will have to see how the final production variant ends up.....
    3. RoYaN
      This is the picture i was referring to.......
    4. RoYaN
    5. d14gtc
      hi buddy gr8 to c your new rank title...... excellent.
    6. Desi Jatt
      Desi Jatt
      congrats for the new title...u deserved it.
    7. Dilemma
      Congrats buddy! You're indeed a very thoughtful addition.
    8. Desi Jatt
      Desi Jatt
      hey that was nice. I do belive in mediatation and am also aware of its significance. all 10 sikh gurus practice it and the learned men in sikhism still do it. Its just 'lazy me'..who do not do it :p
      BTW I think this a good point that your brought to notice..every dharma of Indian origin practice meditation and have almost the same values. something which is really omplex and may be your are right that muslims and christians since never knew aout this..or something they could nt think about , never brought this into practice.meditation makes no sense to them though most of our religions acknowledges the power of meditaton.
    9. Desi Jatt
      Desi Jatt
      lol..a sardar meditating. you must be kidding.:D but am surely visiting the north sikkim and this lake. would I need any guide ?? or is there any other mode of trasnport to fetch us to the northern side ?
    10. Desi Jatt
      Desi Jatt
      nah..this time with friends...around 10 of us...many of whom are first time visitors. the inter has been too harsh this time, so the delay or else the plan was to visit in january. hope to enjoy, like every time.thats changu lake in your avatar. ??
    11. Desi Jatt
      Desi Jatt
      koi nai veer...its finalised now..am leaving for gangtok on 13th feb. hope to enjoy this trip...going there after a long break..any chances of snowfall there during that time ??
    12. MAFIAN GOD
      Your posts on the thread helped me in gaining some more info about that matter.
    13. Desi Jatt
      Desi Jatt
      tshering come to shout box...we can interact there
    14. RoYaN
      Il give it a try when i get there....
      Thanks for the advice mate.......
    15. RoYaN
      Thanks for the list....

      Kangchenjunga is a bit out of my league for now......
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    Gangtok, Sikkim, India
    Freelance adventurer-current contract with Nat Geo
    Right wing conservative from Sikkim and a proud Indian.

    meditation, mountaineering, trekking, combat training, cricket, exploring Dharma


    Selection Round-- West Indies, Quarter Finals: Australia, Semi Finals: Pakistan, Finals: Sri Lanka; India has taken them all head on... having nothing to fear.