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30 Pakistani Al Khalid Tanks Break Down

Discussion in 'South Asia & SAARC' started by Zer0reZ, Nov 12, 2017.

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    Jun 10, 2017
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    At least 30 Al-Khalid tanks of Pakistani Army broke down .The transmission units of those 30 tanks was shut down . The tanks broke down due to faulty Ukrainian machine oil ,informed. “Azmol Garant” machine oil, a Ukranian product is used in those tanks. Fault in those are responsible for the breaking down of these tanks. Those machine oils weren’t procured from the original manufacturer.The Ukrainian state owned company “Ukrspetzeksport”, holds the sole rights to export Ukrainian defence materials. As per report the oil was actually bought from a different unlicensed vendor by the company. Those faulty quality oil was procured at a price of $6000 per ton. Same reason was responsible for breaking down of several dozens of Ukranian T-64s recently.

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