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80 interceptor boats for Indian Navy

Discussion in 'Indian Navy' started by Nirvana, Jul 1, 2011.

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  1. Nirvana

    Nirvana Major SENIOR MEMBER

    May 3, 2011
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    80 interceptor boats for Indian Navy

    80 interceptor boats for Indian Navy - **Business News - News - MSN India

    Sri Lanka : Indian Navy to buy 80 interception boats from Sri Lankan builder

    Wow !! 80 Fast Interceptors Along With 300 FAC For Navy , Coast Guard and Police

    India's Naval Strength Is growing Day By Day

    After 26/11 Our Coastal Security has Increased A lot

    Growing Naval Fleet Is Evident to everyone , With More Than 100 Vessels to be Build In decade Including SSN,AC's,Frigates,Destroyers,Corvettes

    And Coast Guard to Build Some 90 Ships In Decade , Its Fleet will be tripled By 2020 :yahoo:

    With a Big Coastline , And Maritime interests In Indian Ocean Region We a Beefing Up Our Naval Fleet

    Better Late Than Never :yahoo:
  2. Kronus

    Kronus Lieutenant SENIOR MEMBER

    Apr 20, 2011
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    Navy inducts three fast interceptor craft

    The Navy has inducted the first lot of three Fast Interceptor Craft (FIC), adding muscle to its nascent Sagar Prahari Bal (sea protection force) tasked to protect naval assets and bases on both the East and West coasts and island territories of the country.

    Post-26/11, the government designated the Navy as the authority responsible for overall maritime security in the country and announced that FIC would be procured for seafront patrolling by the 1000-strong Sagar Prahari Bal.

    As part of the plan, orders for 15 FIC were placed with a French company at a cost of Rs. 60 crore. The first lot was deployed in Mumbai this week, a Navy spokesman said.

    Solas Marine, Sri Lanka is all set to be given the orders for another 80 FIC, worth Rs. 300 crore, after a global tender. The Cost Negotiation Committee of the Navy has completed its task and the formal contract is to be signed.

    The French firm is expected to fulfil the order by next year. After formal orders, it will take up to 36 months for the Sri Lankan firm to deliver the boats, the spokesman said.

    These boats are normally between 80 and 100 metres in length, can travel at a high speed of 40 to 50 knots with a crew of up to 7 personnel and can carry a light machine gun.
  3. flanker143

    flanker143 Captain SENIOR MEMBER

    Aug 21, 2010
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    any pics ??
  4. tariqkhan18

    tariqkhan18 Major Staff Member ADMINISTRATOR

    Apr 3, 2010
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    Indian Navy is serious about protecting its coast lines and economic trade lines.

    This is why we are seeing such a fast pace developments for patrolling. The pirates trolling around only adds up to make this process even faster.

    MQ-4C BAMS for the Indian Navy? | Indian Defence
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