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A330 MRTT deal: Airbus preparing to start contract negotiations with IAF

Discussion in 'Indian Air Force' started by Gessler, Jan 12, 2013.

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    Mar 16, 2012
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    MADRID (PTI): European consortium Airbus Friday said it would provide
    "unquestionably" the most advanced tanker transport aircraft to India and was
    preparing to start contract negotiations for the supply of six mid-air refuellers
    to the Indian Air Force.

    "We are fully committed to the next stage of negotiations and ultimately to
    provide the Indian Air Force with what is unquestionably the next advanced
    tanker transport aircraft flying and certified to date," Airbus Military CEO
    Domingo Urena Raso

    Airbus Military's A-330MRTT has emerged as the lowest bidder in the IAF contract
    worth over Rs 8,000 crore for procuring these tanker aircraft. So far, the Indian
    Air Force has only been equipped with Russian-origin IL-78 mid-air refuellers.

    "This has been a long and tough competition and we are honoured to have been
    selected," Raso noted while interacting with visiting Indian journalists at the Airbus
    Military facility close to Madrid.

    Separately, Airbus Military derivatives' head Antonio Caramazana said: "We are
    ready to start contract negotiations... preparing to start negotiations as soon as
    possible and our aim is to conclude them, and the sooner it is the better."

    Refusing to divulge the price involved in the deal, he mentioned that Airbus has
    offered the price in a combination of euros and dollars.

    Caramazana said the six planes will be delivered every three months from the
    36th month after the contract is signed.

    He said the selection of engine is critical and a decision in this regard has to be
    taken sooner by the Indian side during contract negotiations.

    "This lays down the procedure of the aircraft and the interface for the system,"
    he said.

    The A-330MRTT can carry 111 tonnes of fuel and is considered highly efficient and
    competitive in its class.

    Officials claim its maintenance cost is low.

    The decision by India to select Airbus Military followed a lengthy selection process,
    including completion of extensive flying demonstration during which the aircraft
    refuelled multiple types of IAF fighters and operated from high altitude.

    Airbus preparing to start contract negotiations with IAF | The Economic Times

    Press Trust of India (PTI)
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