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Afghanistan-India special air freight services to kick off tomorrow

Discussion in 'International Relations' started by Anish, Jun 17, 2017.

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    The special air freight services between India and Afghanistan is expected to kick off from tomorrow, the officials have said.

    The Indian Ambassador to Afghanistan, Manpreet Vohra, has said the services will be launched from Sunday, the 18th of July.

    Mr. Vohra informed regarding the launch of the air freight between Kabul and Delhi through a Twitter post.

    This comes as the first flight as part of the air freight services was expected to be launched on 15th of this month.

    The India- Afghanistan air corridor project which was initiated by H.E President Ghani last year, entered operationalization stage today with the signing of an MoU between the CEOs of Ariana Airlines and Afghanistan Chambers of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) in presence of Ajmal Ahmady, senior economic advisor to the President of Afghanistan and officials and representatives from ACCI, MAIL MoCI and the business community.

    According to a statement by the Office of Economic Adviser to the President of Afghanistan, based on the terms of the MoU signed between ACCI and Ariana, the traders will only pay $0.20 per kg for exporting their goods to India while the rest will be paid by the government of Afghanistan as an incentive to promote Afghan exports to India. This program will also considerably reduce the cost of importing goods from India by air to only $0.40 per kg. Traders from both countries will benefit from this program.

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    All we need is to retake our lands and the border with Afghanistan. Started with securing Kashmir.
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