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Air show, static display organized at Adampur Air Force station

Discussion in 'Indian Air Force' started by layman, Oct 13, 2013.

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    To commemorate the 81st anniversary of the Indian Air Force, a static display of aircraft and Air Force assets was organized on Saturday for the benefit of personnel of Adampur and schools to showcase the Indian Air Force. Air commodore SK Mohlah, Air Officer Commanding Air Force Station Adampur was the chief guest for the event.

    A spectacular Air Show by the IAF helicopter acrobatic team ‘Sarang’ added grandeur to the static display. The highly professional pilots of ‘Sarang’ team displayed their flying skills by show casing complex acrobatic maneuvers in complete co-ordination. A static display of MiG 29 aircraft, SU-30 MK-I aircraft, SAM III missiles, armament stores, Crash Fire equipment, Special Forces equipment and IGLA missiles were also major attractions for the public.

    Students of Adampur based schools also visited Air Force Station Adampur. Several other activities were also conducted on the occasion. A Flight Safety campaign was also conducted wherein aircraft posters, calendar, caps etc were distributed to the students and other visitors to make them aware of the need to be flight safety conscious. Flying of aeromodels was also carried out on the occasion and people were amused to see the maneuvering of “little aeroplanesâ€￾.

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