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Alabama Cop Who Paralyzed Indian Citizen Fired, Arrested

Discussion in 'The Americas' started by sangos, Feb 13, 2015.

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  1. sangos

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    Apr 25, 2013
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    Eric Parker was fired and arrested on charges of assault, after a 57-year-old man visiting from India was left partially paralyzed by his encounter with the officer, who turned himself in Thursday.
    Sureshbhai Patel of Gujarat, India was visiting his children in Madison, Alabama, to help care for a newborn grandchild with health and developmental problems. On Feb. 6 he was taking his morning walk when police stopped him in response to a “suspicious person” call. A neighbor had reported a man looking in people’s garages.

    Patel’s answers in limited English and his attempt to continue his walk were met with a body-slam onto a lawn, caught on the police officer’s dash cam. After he reported having no feeling in his arms and legs he was rushed to the hospital where he underwent cervical fusion surgery and regained partial feeling. He is now unable to walk, and doctors say that if he recovers it could take months.

    "I found that Officer Eric Parker's actions did not meet the high standards and expectations of the Madison City Police Department”, police chief Larry Muncey told reporters.

    © Madison Police Department (screen shot)
    In the two dashcam videos released by the police department one officer can be heard telling the other, “He’s saying ‘No English’”, then continuing to question Patel before slamming him to the ground.
    The FBI is looking into the incident as a violation of civil rights, and will turn over their findings to the Department of Justice. The family’s attorney, Hank Sherrod, filed a lawsuit on those grounds against the Madison Police Department Thursday, and they are seeking damages.

    “First, I’m hoping that the truth will come out, second that this case might bring to life the real issues we have in this country about the police abuse of power where someone can’t try to blame it on the victim,” Sherrod told The Washington Post. “Here we’ve got someone who is truly blameless and innocent. He was brutalized, and hopefully will, but may never, walk again.”

    Walking While Brown

    Sherrod says that where the problem really started was the “suspicious person” call to the police from neighbors.

    “This is broad daylight, walking down the street,” Sherrod told the Huntsville Times. “There is nothing suspicious about Mr. Patel other than he has brown skin.” The lawsuit states that Patel told the officers “No English,” “Indian,” and “Walking,” and tried to point out his son’s house.

    In the two dashcam videos released by the police department one officer can be heard telling the other, “He’s saying ‘No English’”, then continuing to question Patel as to where he lives and where he’s going. At one point, after Patel has once again tried to continue walking the officer says "Do not jerk away from me again, or I will put you on the ground. Do you understand?"

    As the officer grabbed Patel and threw him on the ground another police car approached, and the first officers can be heard telling the new officer, “He can’t speak a lick of English.” The officers tried for several minutes to get Patel to stand up, before calling medical services.

    A GoFundMe page has been set up for donations to pay Patel’s medicare care which will include a lengthy recovery and rehabilitation period. Patel does not have insurance.

    Patel’s son, Chirag Patel, moved to the United States a decade ago, married a US citizen, and became naturalized in 2012. His father was then approved for permanent residency as a family member. Chirag told the Times he was happy to move to Madison.

    “It is a dream for me because I came from a very poor family and I worked so hard here,” Chirag told the Times. “I’m totally devastated that I might have made a big mistake.”

    Read more: Alabama Cop Who Paralyzed Indian Citizen Fired, Arrested / Sputnik International

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  2. Zeus_@21

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    Apr 29, 2013
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    Alas! Police all over the world bear the same kind of attitude. :facepalm:
  3. Anish

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    Dec 2, 2011
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    Gut-Wrenching Video Of Alabama Cops Slamming Sureshbhai Patel To The Ground

    The footage of cops in Alabama slamming Sureshbhai Patel to the ground was captured by the dashcam of a car nearby. It's absolutely gut-wrenching.

    The footage shows the disproportionate force used on 57-year-old Patel, who was out strolling near his son's house in Madison, Alabama, where he had arrived the previous day to help take care of his 17-month-old grandson.

    Patel is now partially paralysed and recovering in a city hospital.

    It is clear from the video that Patel was unable to stand or walk after the unprovoked attack.

    Eric Parker, the officer who assaulted Patel, has been arrested. Alabama police chief has offered apologies to Patel and his family and has said the Federal Bureau of Investigation will look into the incident.

    The incident occurred on the morning of February 6.

    "I sincerely apologise to Mr Patel, Mr Patel's family and our community. We strive to exceed expectations," Madison City Police chief Larry Muncey told reporters at a news conference. "Additionally FBI would be conducting a parallel inquiry to ascertain if there were any federal violations," Muncey said.

    "As a result of the investigations, I found that Mr Parkers's actions did not meet the high standard and expectations of the Madison City Police Department," he said, adding, that he (Muncey) has proposed termination of officer Parker, who has now been arrested for third-degree assault.


    Gut-Wrenching Video Of Alabama Cops Slamming Sureshbhai Patel To The Ground
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