Alexander and Porus (Who won really?)

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    Though I believe Porus put up a heroic fight and lost the hard fought battle to Alexander which he himself admitted as the bloodiest one, I have been finding some articles on the net which contradicts that Porus actually won and the history tampered by the Greek historians.

    Following is an article I got from net:

    Whats your opinion?

    The controversy :
    In the 1960, an Indian scholar named Buddha Prakash argued, basing himself on the famous medieval epic named Shahnameh by the Persian poet Firdausi, that Alexander was defeated’ by Porus, that the two men became friends, and that this explained why Alexander left him so much territories. So did Alexander really venture successfully into India and turn back at the urging of his men? Or was it all spin? So what exactly happened to Alexander in India? Let’s see the two famous conspiracy theories put forth by some famous scholars :
    Theory 1 : Alexander gave up to battle rest of India….
    Alexander won on Porus with utmost difficulty. Porus is captured and brought to Alexander in chains. Alexander asks him how he wanted to be treated. Porus replied, “Like a king†– his arrogance and pride aroused Alexander’s admiration. Promptly, Alexander released Porus, agreed to be his friend, restored his lost kingdom to him, and added to it lands that were part of Ambi’s Taxila. Alexander made mistake by asking Porus “What it would take to win the rest of India?†in public with all his generals listening in, and Porus described the entire rest of the Gangetic valley with its multiple kingdoms, and the Magadhan empire downstream. Porus described these in terms of how much bigger they were than his own little kingdom. As a result, there was no more stomach among Alexander’s generals for continuing. They had almost lost to Porus. How could they successfully confront even larger forces? And so army revolted against continuing for this reason but not for “homesick†as told in history.
    Theory 2: Alexander lost to Puru.
    Puru imposed a separate peace on Ambi that included the surrender of some Taxilan land to Puru. So there’s Alexander, having suffered his first major defeat, set adrift down the Indus with a much reduced army. To get food and supplies, they have to negotiate or fight with the cities they pass. Alexander suffers a wound to the side. They reach the delta of the Indus and make a decision to split . Whichever half returned first, it would serve to spread a different story, a story of the victory and the magnanimity of Alexander the Great The two “small†kingdoms, Taxila and Puru, that were swallowed up by the expanding Magadhan empire. leaving true details of the encounter between these Indian kingdoms and Alexander would be lost to history for ever. Modern research revealed that the alleged sayings and letters those were assigned to Alexander are mostly fake.
    What is most startling is that the Indian contemporaries of Alexander had often neglected the invasion of Alexander and had not mentioned it in their works. A shrewd politician, like Kautilya should not have missed out the invasion of Alexander had it been of a greater importance. All these suggest that Alexander’s campaign failed to acquire any significance in the political context of India. Alexander fought a total of six battles in India, and interestingly enough the Greek and Roman chroniclers often failed to mention the actual outcome of those six encounters. Alexander even resorted to pure and simple cheating to win some places. But these unsuccessful military campaigns had reduced the strength of the Macedonian army.
    With this reduced and broken force, Alexander faced Porus in the much hyped battle of Jhelum. King Abhisares, a lesser monarch had shown the audacity to defy Alexander’s warnings and despite this show of defiance, a world conqueror like Alexander did not attack the lesser and weak king. Why? This suggests that Abhisares was quite sure that Alexander lost all his strength.

    Did Alexander really defeat Indian Kings? | Science Articles
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    Good question! :azn:
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    As per the movie Alexender, Alexander and his army ran away from India after seeing Indians on Elephants :woot: :woot:
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    Thanks a lot Nibir.
    According to history, they did not run away, Alexander wanted to continue as he was confident his hoplites (Phalanx) and superior cavalry would win a war against the army of 250000 (Chandra Gupt Maurya), however his Army mutinied since they were tired and were already shocked by the gruesome war against the Porus.

    They lost more than half their Army on the way back, but rather than moving back they took a detour from south where they won a few more provinces.

    However my question is did they lose to Porus like some Indian scholar suggests?
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    Not Required.
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    Alexander. If you study who did what afterwards - things that have archaeological evidence backing them up and not just what someone wrote down - it becomes pretty clear that Porus came out the worst from that encounter. However, both the Greek record, the physical evidence and the subsequent actions of everyone concern make it pretty clear that the win over Porus bordered on Pyrrhic. In my opinion, it was the toughest battle the Macedonians had fought since Chaironeia, and since that was fought by Alexander's father Philip, Porus was the toughest opponent leading the toughest troops Alexander ever had to deal with.
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    It was not the army of Chandragupt Maurya, It was the army of Mahananda, the ruler of Magadha.

    After the struggling victory against porous, when Alexender's soldiers came to know about Mahanand's army, they got demotivated.
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    Introduce yourself.
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    Thanks mate. I stand corrected.
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    Well i was un aware of this possible HOAX but now i am confused :unsure:
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    Is it indicated Alexender won? No.

    Bear the following facts:

    India had many states, all of them heavily militarised.
    Few states were friendly with the neighbours. Sort of an armed truce prevailed.
    Ambhi was suspicious of and hostile topward Puru.

    About Alexender.

    1. He was a Macedonian, and needless violence was his nature as a cultural trait.
    2. After victories, Greeks were given to loot and plunder and massacre those they concquered. It never happened in case of Puru. Only those who surrendered without a fight were spared. Ambhi surrendered to Alexender, but not Puru. Why and how his kingdom and capoital escape destruction?
    3. It is is on record that Alexender gifted gold and territories to Puru. Ever heard of a victor doing it?
    4. Greek army mutinied. History is witness that only the defeated armies do that, victorius NEVER.

    So Alexender had to turn back. It rapidly became a messy retreat. He had to fight every inch of way, and in one battle he was seriously wounded. When retreating an army become even more determined, after all they want to escape with their lives. Why did he retreat by the route other than the one he had for invasion? Maybe that route was no longer open. Ambhi and Puru did not move a small finger to guide and help the retreat, while they could have got safe passage for Alexender.
    They never treated defeated kings kindly, unlike Indians, for who killing a king outside the battlefield was a taboo.
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    Yes Alexander was defeated and Porus won. The Greeks were obviously lying. Who would dispute this in Indian forums? Everybody likes to believe nice things.
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    Obviously Alexander won!!
    That is why he ended up at the borders of the Magdhan empire!!
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    He did not cross even Chenab, Chandrabhaga. Then Ravi, Beas, Satluj etc were there. And Magdhan empire was still beyond Yamuna. He forayed into the border areas, and turned back. Reason why he gets scant Indian notice. Later events were too much about Chandragupta and Maurayan emoire.

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