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An ace named Pic (of La Mirandole)

Discussion in 'Europe & Russia' started by Picdelamirand-oil, Jun 23, 2017.

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    An ace named Pic (of La Mirandole)

    The chronicle of Roger-Pol Droit, about the "900 conclusions", Pic de La Mirandole, a small genius of the fifteenth century.

    The World | 22.06.2017 at 09h27 • Updated 22.06.2017 with 13:26 |By Roger-Pol Droit

    It was a disturbing meteor, a comet that foreshadowed great mutations, at a time when every prodigy had augured for cataclysms. A genius and flamboyant, died at the age of 31, poisoned with arsenic, doubtless on the orders of Pierre de Medicis, Jean Pic de La Mirandole (1463-1494) left a legend and texts in the story.

    The legend evokes an unprecedented precocity, an entrance to the university at 13 years, mastery of a good twenty languages. The real character is, to say the least, romantic: high nobility, immense fortune, extraordinary intelligence combine in him with an arrogant temerity which leads him to imagine everything, to understand everything, and to discover the ultimate secret of the world.

    When his mother died when he was 15, Jean was able to invent his own curriculum, and to travel Europe with a coach-library (his collection of books is one of the most beautiful of the time) Of his armed guards. He thus came to Paris to learn new thoughts, which then spread from the Sorbonne or went to Perugia to meet with the master-cabalists.

    At the same time, he learned Hebrew, Arabic, was enthusiastic about the Neoplatonist philosophers, whom he practiced in Greek, and for the "Chaldaic oracles", studied the wisdom of the Magi, hermeticism, practices occult. This does not prevent him, in passing, from taking away in Tuscany a certain Marguerite, wife of a gabelou of Arezzo. The adventure ends with a skirmish leaving fifteen corpses on the tile. In short, the young man does not have cold eyes.

    "Marrying the World"
    At the age of 23, he wrote 900 philosophical conclusions drawn from various sources: medieval scholars like Albert the Great, Thomas Aquinas or Duns Scotus, Aristotelian Arabs like Avicenna, Averroes, Al-Farabi, neoplatonists, from Plotinus to Proclus and Porphyrius , Without forgetting Pythagoras, Zoroaster and the Kabbalists! The set draws ...


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    What a difference just two letters can make.
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    Damn, erudition!

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