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“dare devilsâ€￾ established three more new world records

Discussion in 'Modern Warfare' started by brahmos_ii, Mar 2, 2013.

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    Oct 19, 2012
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    The Corps of Signals Motor Cycles Rider Display Team, popularly known as the “DARE DEVILSâ€￾ has an illustrious history of performing breathtaking, scintillating and death defying stunts. The team has captured the hearts of spectators all over the world by performing in mega events like Republic Day Parade, Army Day Parade, Asiad, SAF and Afro Asian games.

    The team has a large number of World Records to its credit, the most famous being the “Largest Human Pyramid of 251 men on 11 Motor Cyclesâ€￾ established on 11 Jun 2008 at Jabalpur. Continuing with their traditions, the team under the leadership of Capt Abhayjit Mehlawat established three more new world records on 29 Jan 2013 at Ridge Road and Robert Track locations of Jabalpur Cantt. The extraordinary thrilling display was shown in front of a large audience which included senior Army officers and several eminent dignitaries which included the Hon’ble Chief Justice of Jabalpur High Court, Mayor Jabalpur and IG of Police. Two High Court Judges Mr. Rajendra Menon and Mr. A K Srivastava certified the records to be included in Limca Book of Records and Guinness Book of World Records.

    The first event was performed by the team Capt, Capt Abhayjit Mehlawat himself where he broke the existing record of Liu Jichun of China. The earlier record established by the Chinese was of longest hands free riding on a zigzag track of 5,320 m. Capt Mehlawat in and extraordinary display of courage and self determination covered a distance of 16000 m; moving hands free on a difficult zigzag track at Jabalpur Cantt.

    The second record attempted and successfully broken by the team was the fastest human pyramid of 10 men on two motor cycles. The earlier record was established by British Army Corps of Signals, established on 12 Mar 2009, wherein 08 persons on two motor cycles covered a distance of 01 KM in 01 min 38.77 seconds. The team smashed the world record by covering a distance of 01 KM with 10 men on two motorcycles in 54 seconds.

    The team further went on to break one of their own world records of 28 men on three motorcycles covering a distance of 01 KM in 66 seconds without using any supporting equipment. The team this time covered the distance in 60 seconds with 30 men on motorcycles.
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