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Arabs slam Pak stand on Yemen and Call on Pakistani Parliament to Fall in Line

Discussion in 'Greater Asia & Middle East' started by Anees, Apr 12, 2015.

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    Arabs slam Pak stand on Yemen

    CAIRO: The Arab Parliament (AP) speaker has expressed disappointment at Pakistan’s Parliament unanimous vote on Friday to remain neutral in the conflict in Yemen, describing the move as incompatible with the international, Arab and Muslim stance that supports legitimacy in Yemen and aims to strength security and peace in the Arab and Islamic World.

    Ahmed Bin Mohammed Al Jarwan said the Arab people had received Pakistan’s participation in the Decisive Storm coalition with optimism and enthusiasm in the hope of creating a joint Arab-Islamic force that backs right against whoever tries to tamper with values of Arab and Islamic nations and that supports security and peace across the world.

    ‘’The Arab and Muslim people were shocked and disappointed by the Pakistani Parliament decision,’’ he regretted.

    He called on the Parliament to fall in line with the will of people in this critical circumstances, the Arab and Islamic World is living through and to back the stance of the government and people of Pakistan that supports the Decisive Storm coalition
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