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BAE has hopes for sales of 145 field guns to India

Discussion in 'Indian Navy' started by CONNAN, Feb 7, 2011.

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    Apr 16, 2010
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    HOPES are growing that Barrow’s arms factory will win an order for 145 hi-tech howitzers.

    The Indian army is trying out the ultra-lightweight Field Howitzer, or M777, conceived and designed in Barrow, which has sold in the hundreds to America.

    And the prestigious India Defence website, aimed at professionals in the defence industry, says BAE is in the lead to get gun orders worth more than a year’s work from the Indian government.

    The Barrow plant is where the complex titanium cradles and saddles of the guns are made.

    The guns are made in the UK and in the US, where they are assembled in a BAE factory in Mississippi using an American barrel.

    The Indian Defence internet website says BAE is leading the race to win the contract for 145 guns.

    The gun sections in Barrow are produced at the rate of 10-a-month.

    The Barrow factory employs nearly 400 people, many of whom work on the M777 project.

    So far around 900 guns have been sold, with the bulk going to America, but they are also manufactured for Canada and Australia.

    BAE is also hoping for sales of the M777 to Denmark, Brazil and the Middle East.

    Although the gun, designed in Barrow in the late 1980s has been a big success, more orders are needed at Barrow.

    By last autumn 955 guns had been ordered but 750 had been delivered and new orders are needed to keep the production line going.

    The India Defence website says: “India is already in an advanced stage of negotiations with the US for procuring over 145 ultra-light howitzers for their deployment in mountainous regions.â€￾

    The Indian army is also looking for other types of guns.

    There is speculation the expected Indian order for 145 M777s could potentially grow to 400.

    North West Evening Mail | News | BAE has hopes for sales of 145 field guns to India
  2. Capt.Popeye

    Capt.Popeye Captain SENIOR MEMBER

    Oct 4, 2010
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    This order is through. The guns will be delivered to the Indian Army through the FMS route. IMO, there will be a follow-on order for more of them later. First the guns will be deployed in Northern Command and later to Eastern Command for the new raising Corps. there. The C-130 Js and later the Heavy transport choppers will come in handy for rapid deployment of these guns.
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