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Boycott Using Internet For Whole One Day, 31st Oct,2014

Discussion in 'Internal Affairs' started by Anees, Oct 9, 2014.

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  1. Anees

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    Jan 14, 2012
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    Telephone companies has increased the rates of internet pack from Rs.98 for 2GB to Rs.155 for 1GB recently.
    And now last week companies has increased rate again,In Rs.155 you can only get 500 MB,that too for only 14 days,which used to be for 28 days earlier,if they will keep on increasing the net pack rate then we will all have to stop using internet.

    This all is the cause of using internet blindly,we are so much used to it that we stopped looking at the price,but we keep on using facility,,no matter how much you have to pay for it.
    And so telecom companies taking advantage of it day by day.

    because they know we can not raise our voice against it,,but they are wrong about it.,,right??

    you know once in England when Bread companies increased their prices,then whole country didn't buy bread for few days,and company had to decrease their price.
    So why not we should raise our voices,??
    after all its our meal of the day too.
    we can not live without it for even a single day,

    So please "Do not use Internet on 31st Oct 2014",
    so that telecom companies can know that we do have power to make them walk on the knees,
    they will be in big loss for that one day,they gonna regret for it.

    Many of us might think that "Hume kya", and that's what make us fool
    But we "INDIANS" are not.
    Unity is strength

    So please BOYCOTT using internet for just one day,,and this will be different.
    I know that it will be different for you guys,,but its in interest for all of us,

    So please do share this messege and Page to on social media so as to make it work.
    Boycott Using Internet For Whole One Day, 31st Oct,2014


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