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Bride leads ‘baraat’, makes a ‘power’ statement

Discussion in 'The Big Adda' started by thesolar65, Apr 21, 2017.

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    ALWAR: In a break with orthodox tradition and sending a strong message on women's empowerment, a bride went on a horse cart for her marriage ceremony in Behror town of Alwar district.

    Dressed in bridal finery, 25-year-old Jiya Sharma, a student of MA English literature, mounted a horse cart and took her 'baraat' (marriage procession) to the venue where the groom's family gave her a warm welcome. Her friends danced along on the streets in a state that otherwise sees woman behind veils.

    Residents lined up on both sides of the street and on terraces to catch a glimpse of the bride's procession. Jiya claimed that her family had not given any dowry either.

    "This will send a strong message to the society. People don't accept girl children in Rajasthan. This will give a message that there is no difference between boys and girls," said Giraj Sharma, groom's father.
    Rajasthan is infamous for its skewed sex ratio in the country. As per the census, the child sex ratio in 0-6 years category in the state has fallen to 888 (2011 census) from 909, 10 years back (2001 census).

    While preparing for the marriage of her daughter, Jiya's mother and aunt went to the family of the groom, Lokesh Sharma, with the proposal that the bride would reach the venue with the 'baraat' instead of the groom.
    "My Mami (aunty), who runs a school in Behror and has been working for the upliftment of women for long, wanted to set an example of treating women equally in our society. We are happy that the idea was encouraged by my husband's family," Jiya said.

    Lokesh, a software engineer who works for an MNC in Gurugram, was also appreciative of the idea. "Our wedding will be memorable as we have chosen to spread the message of equality. There is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, it's a proud moment for me," Lokesh said.

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