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China THINKS: India or Pakistan?

Discussion in 'International Relations' started by tariqkhan18, Jul 30, 2010.

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  1. tariqkhan18

    tariqkhan18 Major Staff Member ADMINISTRATOR

    Apr 3, 2010
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    This is an interesting discussion being held across the border. In my opinion, China doesn't want to close its doors with India. It would like to have an open relationship which would include benefits for the both countries. In the defence department however, it is likely to stick with Pakistan and continue to grow its military relationship.

  2. Desi Jatt

    Desi Jatt Captain ELITE MEMBER

    Apr 7, 2010
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    It will surely be in the interest of both India and china to have friendly relation. Infact it would also be good if Indi and pakistan have a friendly relation.
  3. jagjitnatt

    jagjitnatt Major ELITE MEMBER

    Apr 30, 2010
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    China is the worst friend you could ever ask for. It doesn't believe in friendship. It is so blinded by its mission to become the next super power that it has cut corners in the most crucial issues.

    China's ambition is to lead the world. Nothing less. Friendship doesn't stand anywhere.

    They try to maximize their profits while minimizing their losses, without any consideration to what effect it might have on friends, allies or their enemies.

    US was China's ally, in fact the most important ally which help them achieve freedom, but today China dares to stand eye to eye against US. On one side they are building trade relationships with the world, but on the other hand they are violating all copyright regulations to make more profit.

    All goods manufactured in China were developed somewhere else, someone else paid for their research, but China has no regard for these things. They want to leech and leech more. They are sucking the whole world.

    Today, Pakistan is acting like a servant to China, a consumer of its goods and an ass kisser. So China is interested. When Pakistan needed China in 1999, it didn't budge.

    India-China relations would never be stable. China sees us as a threat to their influence in the future. India would be China's competition and might over take them, which is why they are trying to curb us now.

    China has pissed off a LOT of people around the world and they won't let China become the next super power so easily. There's a lot more going on than that appears to be.
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  4. MasulaSGD


    Apr 17, 2010
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    In my opinion, China is over ambitious with its plans if they are true, like becoming next super power and leading the world. Right now it is just like a big child with endless supply of cookies and milk, growing in right direction but not yet a man who can sprint and fight.

    I don’t have much military knowledge but I guess China’s military experience is negligible. In modern era, it only went direct confrontation once with USSR and India, in these two occasions, China opted out of war abruptly, obliviously due to its military limitations and logistical problems. Even Pakistan has more tactical and strategical experience than China. Just like Indians, most of the Chinese are from agrarian communities without any martial culture. When India was in the firm hands of British, China was no good; every tom and dick from Europe were dictating things and China surrendered after few meek fights.

    If any country wants to be a super power, they must be showing its grit and aggressive approach whenever possible. US never shied away from showing its might; it has been the instigator and participant in most of the wars after WWII. Superpower status is not something like an elected position that is going happen within a time frame. Just like individuals, countries need to exhibit their strength and fighting spirit, and then onlookers consider you as a worthy contender and give you some weight. You’ll be a leader gradually.

    If China really wants to be a global power then it must cajole up India. There is no other option available. Right now US is the strongest nation in the world, one of the reason is; it doesn’t have to worry about Canada and Brasil.

    Let’s wait and see how China is going to deal with the Taiwan issue first, it will give the world an opportunity to see their military might and courage.:cool:
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  5. prototype

    prototype Major SENIOR MEMBER

    May 31, 2010
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    China knows to play politics well,as it state it want better military relation with Pakistan and better business relation with India,basically means all the goodies in their bag,point a gun towards India from one side and a rose from other side

    In the growing multi polar world Chinese policies r once again dividing the whole world into two factions,a reminiscent of the cold war era,but China also know to play its card well

    At a time when U.S had finally awakened to the fact that they need to control China with more toughly,at a time when U.S is more and more intruding into Chinese backyard,and had declared freedom of navigation over south china sea as its core issues,China to acknowledged ,they to had made to many enemies,which will potentially become a barrier for them in dealing with U.S and their aspiration of becoming next super power

    So now all they want is to at least create a show piece relation with India to release the pressure,they fully understand the fact that even after having a powerful military, specifically a powerful navy,the string of pearls and some good allies in south Asia,it will still not possible for them to move any finger against the wish of India,given at a time when more than 60% of their oil passes through next to the Indian footsteps and will never want to get strangulated by India

    Already the growing Indo-American nexus is proving to much of a concern inside Chinese political circle,the last thing they will wish is India completely joining American faction against them

    If China need a true friendship with India,they need to reinvent their policies rather than their showpiece activities,which is definitely their relation with Pakistan

    One more factor is now how much India trust China even after relations improve,it is not easy to forget 1962
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