Chinese media mocks India 'Dwarf' Missile

Discussion in 'Indian Strategic Forces' started by tilopa, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. tilopa

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    BBC News - Chinese media mock India's 'dwarf' missile

    Some of Chinese response.

    Mocked the missile programme by saying that the Agni-V showed "the backwardness of Indian missiles" and was "merely one of the concrete displays of its social and economic development as a whole lagging behind China".

    Mr Yao said it was just "an improvement on the range" that in no way will change the "current military strength contrast between the two countries"

    Without an adequate tank corps and a heavy-duty land force with adequate heavy weapons, it can hardly become a so-called 'China killer' by relying solely on nuclear weapons," he said.

    Similar views were echoed by Gao Zugui of the Institute of International Strategic Studies, who said: "Despite giving a little support, it was right in saying that if it really wants to become a great nation, each of its families should have a toilet first."

    Some of the comments are really funny and outrageous!
  2. satya

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    To some extent he is right, isn't he?
  3. smestarz

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    It is incredible that people in China now start to have an opinion, do we see democracy in China?
    As it has been mentioned before (yawn) that to have a missile with long range helps as a Deterrent.
    Its not that we want to go to war, Not today and hopefully not tomorrow. but surely we want to ensure that the possession of the missile does make up the mind of countries to think "Not today and hopefully not tomorrow"
    China has a lot of skeletons in its closets,

    Maybe the comment from the Chinese spokesman is suggestive that we buy Made in China toilets for our population :)
    So I assume china wants to improve business ties in field of sanitation :) the view was not critical but constructive and towards a business opportunity for India.. and to answer it,, We have a good sanitation industry, at present we do not need to import them but thanks for your suggestion !!
  4. DragonKnight

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    If blind patirotism and over-optimism doesn't come in someone's way, then that 'someone' like myself would agree. Only for now.
    They say we overestimate our strength. After 7-10 years they will be the ones who would be actually UNDER-estimating our strength, but for now ( let's be practical ) they're right.
  5. DragonKnight

    DragonKnight FULL MEMBER

    Agni-V 's a dwarf, True. Even T-34 was considered by the Nazis as 'dwarfs' against their Panzers... we all know what was the outcome.......
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  6. Manmohan Yadav

    Manmohan Yadav Moderator Staff Member

    Absolutely Right,
    Besides Chinese have never reacted to any of India's Missile Test before,
    we do at least 12 Tests every year.

    All this attention from China is Proof enough that they are:

    Intimidated, VERY Intimidated
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    these reactions point in only one direction-

    that they r really worried about our achievement. how so ever hard they try to ridicule us about lack of toilets, it will not take away the fact that whole of china is now under attack range of India.

    however there is lot of work to be done. we need betetr mobile launchers. our bridges have to be strong and Govt has to really look after infrastructure. portable strategic missile need good infrastructure. wee need good roads and bridges to make it effective.
  8. Manmohan Yadav

    Manmohan Yadav Moderator Staff Member

    We have out railways to launch the Missile,
    much more mobile that roads and faster as well.
    50 tonnes means nothing for a railways wagon, they carry upto 250 tonnes


    AGNI V is especially tailored for road mobility. it is high time we use roads as strategic assets and na mere tool for transportation.
  10. smestarz

    smestarz FULL MEMBER

    Let me first come to details of it
    T-34 was never considered as a Dwarf by German army but they were pretty amazed how fast the tank could move, and besides the suspension was so excellent that this tank could fire on the move, earlier the tanks would move but they would stop so that they can fire accurately. Usually the tank gunners kept the sights at 400 mtrs because usually that was the range at which the mass tank battles would take place, if its an ambush, the Tigers could pick out the T-34 at distance.

    T-34 like the AK-47 was built with lot of tolerence, and as you might know the history, more T-34 were destroyed by Tigers and Panthers than T-34 destroyed the opposing tanks.
    The T-34 was medium weight had wide tracks and also a reliable engine, where as the Tiger tank had a big engine but the transmission was not strong enough for the tank further there was problem with fuel lines. So most of the Tiger tanks and panthers and Ferdinands were abandoned by their crew because of the problems than being destroyed by enemy fire,
    At 2000 metres tank vs tank Tiger/Ferdinand and Panthers could pick out individual tanks and destroy them but when the range became lower than 400 metres because then the T-34 gun had enough power at lower ranges to penetrate the tiger armour.
    So it was the mass waves of T-34 that overwhelmed the German panzer korps. not otherwise.
    Where as the 88 mm on the tiger and Ferdinand and 75 mm on Panther could destroy any tank in the field at ranges of 2 kms.
    You can check these details..
    Also it was a person called Christie who had made that excellent suspension design that was used on T-34 his ideas were rubbished by the americans !!

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