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Chinese military helicopters

Discussion in 'China & Asia Pacific' started by Agent_47, Dec 4, 2016.

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    In the 1980s, China's Army introduced Black Hawk helicopters from the United States to carry out combat missions in the southwestern plateau. In the new century, the Black Hawk helicopter has been in service for more than 30 years and needs new models instead. The Chinese Army Aviation once imported from Russia Mi-17V-7 helicopters, but still considered that M-17 helicopter tactical and technical indicators can not cpmply their own requirements. Coupled with taking into account the domestic helicopter equipment system, Chinese Army Aviation decided to develop A new generation of general purpose helicopters, this is Z-20.

    Data from overseas point of view, the most direct feature of Z -20 is the use of domestic 1600KW turboshaft engine, this data is not only higher than China's Black Hawk Helicopter currently operational, but also higher than the latest Continental Airlines Black Hawk helicopters, so strong engine for straight - 20 has more residual power, high temperature, high altitude combat capability significantly stronger than the Black Hawk helicopters, for example, under the same conditions Z -20 load more, so that soldiers can carry more supplies, especially in wartime. The infantry squads may be able to reinforce combatants and weapons. If the loads are not adequate, the corresponding equipment will be very difficult, so this is very important for improving the combat capability of the Chinese army's plateau mountains.

    Large engine power, helicopter maximum takeoff weight also increases, thus increasing protection for helicopters to expand the space, with shoulder-fired air defense missiles, high-explosive infantry weapons development, helicopters are under threat, so advanced helicopters are equipped with additional armor, threat alert system, radar / infrared jammers and other equipment, these will increase the helicopter empty, Z-20 engine power is much larger than the Black Hawk helicopters, so there is a larger power reserve, it can be convenient for the helicopter plus Equipped with additional armor, electronic jamming systems and other equipment to improve helicopter combat survival.

    Flight performance is good, can be seen from the relevant pictures Straight -20 uses a five-blade rotor, advanced airfoil, active control technology, fly-by-wire system, coupled with powerful engine, the body is relatively narrow, the resistance is small, Straight-20 flight performance, including taking off and landing, climbing, hovering and other properties, to give an example, Straight -20 take off from the plains base, you can quickly climb to more than 5,000 meters altitude, do not need to spiral up like other helicopters, This is very important for the task environment of the mountainous plateau in the Southwest Plateau. In addition, the helicopter can also be maneuvered and maneuvered to further enhance the mobility and survival capability in the battlefield.

    Z-20 avionics system is advanced, after all, the Black Hawk helicopters developed in the 1970's of last century, the avionics system above it appears to be very advanced at that time, into the new century, these avionics system is outdated, it has no glass cockpit, navigation system More backward, China's new generation of helicopters commonly used advanced avionics systems and glass cockpit, to achieve a unified data processing and display, human-machine interface is good, pilots can quickly access to relevant information, the navigation system is also upgraded to inertial navigation plus satellite navigation composite Navigation system, navigation information more accurate, the lack of landmarks mountain plateau, navigation requirements for higher navigation system upgrade will help improve the straight-20 battlefield maneuver and transport capabilities, the other is also equipped with direct -20 tactical satellite communications system, plateau mountain topography Complex and obscured by conventional radio communications, satellite communications systems are needed to improve helicopter communications.


    Z -20 retify the Black Hawk helicopters defects. A series of improvements, tactical and technical indicators have been greatly improved, effectively enhancing the overall combat capability of helicopters.

    Chinese homemade Z-20 is a match to the American The UH-60M (is an upgraded derivative of combat-proven UH-60 helicopter. The US Army plans to modernize up to 1,200 existing UH-60 helicopters to the M configuration within the next 20 years. As of June 2005, the total cost of Black Hawk upgrade was estimated at $20.8 billion. There are no plans for an eventual replacement of UH-60 helicopters through 2025. The UH-60M will feature improved payload, new digital cockpit displays, a strengthened fuselage, new composite spar wide-chord blades which provide 227 kg (500 lb) more lift than the UH-60L blade, and more powerful engines (T700-GE-701D). The M helicopters will also feature lower maintenance costs than the current fleet. The new UH-60M helicopter could be available as production standard beginning in 2007.)

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