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Chinese Rainbow Project: 156 satellites to form a spaceborne broadband global network

Discussion in 'China & Asia Pacific' started by RMLOVER, Aug 31, 2017.



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    August 30, at the Third China Commercial Aerospace Summit Forum, China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation "Rainbow Project" chief designer , Kai Heng said, "Rainbow Engineering "As the representative of the construction of space-based Internet, will be a good commercial aerospace industry development support platform, can help to cultivate" Internet + "aerospace emerging industries.

    "Rainbow Project" was born from of the China Aerospace Science and Technology previously proposed "Fuxing plan", which to launch 156 satellites, 1000 km from the ground orbit in the network operation, committed to form a spaceborne broadband global mobile Internet.

    "Rainbow Project" is one of the five commercial aerospace projects of China Aerospace Science and Industry. In the third China Commercial Aerospace Summit Forum, China Aerospace Science and Technology has further published the "Rainbow Project" related information.

    "Rainbow Project" is expected in full operating conditions by the end of 2022, and the same year to complete the constellation deployment. Right now, the "Rainbow Engineering" team is conducting an optimization demonstration of the business system.

    He also mentioned that private enterprises have been and "rainbow project" to establish a cooperative relationship, "our operation will be flexible a lot, we can provide some technical support, and even some patents, are possible.

    In the open view, the next 5 to 10 years, communications should be a hotspot in commercial aerospace, there are most likely a wide range of applications in a field.

    According to reports, "Rainbow Project" is currently targeting the user groups are the cluster of user groups, including aircraft, ships, passenger and freight vehicles, field field, operating team and some remote areas of the village, islands and so on. UAV, unmanned industry, are "Rainbow Project" may serve the future of the industry.

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