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Chinese troops intrude into Arunachal, stay for over two days

Discussion in 'International Relations' started by Zeus_@21, Aug 22, 2013.

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  1. Zeus_@21

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    Apr 29, 2013
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    In yet another face-off with Indian Army similar to the one in Ladakh, Chinese troops reportedly intruded more than 20 kilometres inside Indian territory in Chaglagam area of Arunachal Pradesh last week and stayed there for over two days.

    The incident occurred on August 13 with troops of People's Liberation Army (PLA) coming insiide Arunachal after they were stopped by the Indian troops, Defence sources said in Itanagar today. Both sides showed banners to each other to leave the area, the sources said in Delhi.

    However, Chinese soldiers reportedly stayed put and left after two days, they said.

    Official sources in Itanagar said the Chinese troops went back after a 15-minute Border Personnel Meeting.

    "They had come and have gone. The Indian troops are now present at the spot in strength," the sources said.

    The Chaglagam area, also known as "fish tail" because of the shape of the LAC in the area, has consistently seen intrusions by the Chinese in the past but they have always gone back immediately. China lays claim over entire Arunachal Pradesh which is rejected by India.

    Both the Army headquarters in Delhi and the External Affairs Ministry downplayed the incident.

    "We don't take up non-events in diplomatic practice. What has happened or not is upto sentinels of our borders to answer. They know the factual position on this and I think they have answered that."

    "There has been a rebuttal by the army on this and we don't want to to go beyond that. And consequent to that, obviously, if that is what the position was, we don't focus on non-events in diplomatic practice," External Affairs Ministry spokesman Syed Akbaruddin told reporters in Delhi. He was asked whether India has taken up with China the issue of incursion in Arunachal Pradesh.
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