Christianity and Impact of westernization on Indian culture

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    That's what i am saying
    We don't need religion from the west.We have our own good religious traditions.
    We only need to take the good social innovations from them and assimiliate it with our native religions (hinduism/sikh/buddhism).
    This will make our culture more modern and more stronger.

    But i don't agree with people who say that islam is not imperialist.
    Islam is the most imperialist religion in the world today.A very famous muslim scholar has once said
    "A proselytizing religion like Islam can only expand or contract.Islam will have to expand to ensure it's survival"
    You see a lot of muslim channels in india,they are radicalizing muslim youths and these channels are funded by petro dollars.The kingdom of Saudi Arabia spends billions worldwide in its missionary missions .

    Look how muslims in mumbai protested against india for the protection of illegal bangladeshi infiltraitors in Assam.
    At least Christian countries contribute something to the human civilization in form of technology and money but islam only contributes barbarism.
    Islam is the next big threat.
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    Oh come on stop that BS.
    11000 is for people who graduate from a very bad college and even then 11000 rs is quite a lot in india.
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    I said some college. I am not sure India has any university that is in the top 500 in the world. Top 500 World Universities
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    Sixteen Degar Montagnard Christian Worshippers Attacked, Brutally Beaten
    August 17, 2011

    Twelve Beaten Unconscious, One Arrested by Vietnamese Police

    WASHINGTON DC (ANS) -- A violent attack against indigenous minority Christians in the central highlands of Vietnam took place this past July, leaving sixteen men and women severely injured and one man still under arrest; his welfare remains unknown to date.

    ICC (International Christian Concern) Persecution News of Churches Persecuted & Christian Sufferings says the systematic persecution of Degar Montagnard Christians continues, with this brutal attack as proof of the regime’s purposeful policing, harassment, and aggressive oppression of this indigenous people and minority religious group.

    Sixteen Degar Montagnard Christian Worshippers Attacked, Brutally Beaten
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    Vietnam war rumbles on, Christians branded 'the enemy'
    March 30, 2008

    Release International has completed a fact-finding visit and finds the Vietnam War is still rumbling on - with Christians now regarded as the enemy, says one of the leading persecution watchdogs, Release International.

    Christians in Vietnam are being targeted as 'agents of America'. They describe torture and near starvation as the authorities threaten to kill them slowly.

    Prisoners' wives and a former prisoner have been describing the way Christians from Vietnam's tribal highlands are routinely beaten, tortured and starved behind bars - in a land which supposedly guarantees freedom of religion.

    'Esther' and 'Deborah' and former prisoner 'Silas' have been telling Release International about the ordeal suffered in jail by Christians calling for true freedom of worship and the return of land seized by the authorities. They tell their story in the latest edition of the webcast World Update on the Persecuted Church, available on

    They travelled hundreds of miles and have taken a great risk to explode the myth of freedom of religion in Vietnam and to call for prayer and support for Christian prisoners.

    Esther described how they set about 'Abraham', her husband, with a wooden club spiked with two long nails. Then they turned a snarling Alsatian on him, before lashing his unconscious body to their Jeep and dragging it along the road.

    When they finally permitted Esther to see her husband she says: "He could not recognise me. He was like a dumb man. They had beaten him in the face and broken his jaw. He could not talk."

    Esther and Abraham are Christians, from one of the mountain tribes of Vietnam.

    "My husband requested freedom for the tribal people, and freedom to worship God." Esther explains. "And he asked for this publicly."

    'Job', another Christian prisoner, also called for freedom of worship - a freedom guaranteed under Vietnamese law.

    Despite those legal guarantees, the authorities closed Job's village church and confiscated their land - measures commonplace in the tribal highlands of Vietnam, where unregistered Christians are regarded with suspicion as enemy agents working to undermine communism.

    They accused Job of being involved with separatists, tortured him to extract a confession and threw him behind bars.

    Vietnam war rumbles on, Christians branded 'the enemy' | Christian News on Christian Today
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    The Crusade for a Christian Military, the US/NATO forces

    The military is denying it allows its soldiers to proselytize to Afghans, following the release of footage showing US soldiers in Afghanistan discussing how to distribute Bibles translated into Pashto and Dari. We speak to Air Force veteran and former Reagan administration counsel Mikey Weinstein, founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, and journalist Jeff Sharlet, author of a Harper’s Magazine article on “The Crusade for a Christian Military.”

    The former prime minister of Afghanistan Ahmed Shah Ahmedzai has called for an investigation into allegations that US soldiers are trying to convert Afghans to Christianity, saying: “This is a complete deviation from what they are supposed to be doing.”

    His comments come after a report on Al Jazeera showed footage of soldiers at Bagram air base discussing how to distribute Bibles translated into Pashto and Dari. The US military is denying it allows its soldiers to proselytize to Afghans. The military claims the Bibles shown in the video had been confiscated and destroyed and were “never distributed.” Admiral Mike Mullen told a Pentagon briefing Monday: “It certainly is, from the United States military’s perspective, not our position to ever push any specific kind of religion, period.”

    The Pentagon has also sharply criticized Al Jazeera for releasing the year-old footage which was shot by filmmaker and former soldier Brian Hughes. Military spokesperson Colonel Greg Julian said: “Most of this is taken out of context. This is irresponsible and inappropriate journalism. There is no effort to go out and proselytize to Afghans."

    On Tuesday, Al Jazeera released unedited footage of the US soldiers’ bible study in Bagram to counter the Pentagon"s allegations. These excerpts from the unedited video show military chaplain Captain Emmit Furner leading the discussion on the definition of the US Central Command’s General Order Number One that explicitly forbids active duty troops from trying to convert people to any religion.

    Excerpts of Al Jazeera footage.

    I’m joined now by two guests who have closely followed this story. Jeff Sharlet is a contributing editor for Harper’s Magazine and joins me from Rochester, New York. He is author of “The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power” which is coming out in paperback next month. His latest article is the cover story of the May issue of Harper’s magazine. Its called “Jesus Killed Mohammed: The Crusade for a Christian Military.”

    We’re also joined from Albuquerque, New Mexico by Mikey Weinstein, an Air Force veteran and founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. A registered Republican, he served as legal counsel to the Reagan administration for three years and is the author of “With God On Our Side: One Man’s War Against an Evangelical Coup in America’s Military.”

    We spoke with Colonel Greg Julian in Afghanistan and invited him on the program but he declined to join us.

    Jeff Sharlet, contributing editor for Harper’s Magazine. He is author of The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power, which is coming out in paperback next month.

    Mikey Weinstein, Air Force veteran and founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. A registered Republican, he served as legal counsel to the Reagan administration for three years. He is the author of With God on Our Side: One Man’s War Against an Evangelical Coup in America’s Military.


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    did you check how many western nationals study in these institutes? :what: then you will find almost 90% to 95% migrants/overseas students only in these institutes, if you check only engineering/medical students. rest, you may give ranking based on the quality of buildings etc, which are also found biased for the western institutes.........

    there is no 'competitive' environment in schools of western nations that you may have 'competent' students, who may then qualify in these institutes :disagree:. i found locals getting direct admission in australian universities but still their number is hardly 5% to 7% in engineering/medical studies. many in australia just study trade level/nurse education and say themselves engineers doctors :lol:
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    50% of Indian engineers and other technically qualified people were found wanting in the knowledge of english. 50% is the limit of reservations in India.
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    From that list:

    202-301 Indian Inst Sci India
    404-502 Indian Inst Tech - Kharagpur India
    404-502 University Calcutta India

    Also remember that the ranking of unis is also set on the quality of infrastructure.Indian university are right now not so good in infrastructure but IIT'ians are famous all over the world.
  10. UBIQUE


    Sunny Mate,

    I've mentioned it before, i will mention it again, Please do your research before Using Australia as a wanton example. I am aware that you gained your Post grad at UTS, so you may not be aware of the fact that the level of competition to gain entrance into a university post Year 12 is INSANE..... :wacko:

    You may have not experienced it as overseas students pay for their entrance and the degree. For locals there are two options:

    1. Pay for your degree, (same as overseas students) If you do choose this option then either you worked your backside off from primary school or your parents have managed to save a good amount to get admission. Either way If you pay then the UAI (University Admission Index) for a course is a lot lower than those who choose the HECS option.

    2. Choose the HECS option, That way you finish your degree without paying a cent (exception of union fees) the government will start deducting your education costs from your account once you get employed, part of your tax. This plan was implemented by the govt in the late 70's to ensure that tertiary education was available to all regardless of social and financial status. This scheme is not available to foreign students, as a result all foreign students have to pay.

    Where are you getting this 5-7%. I’ve told you before Australia is a multicultural country and we have Australians of every background living here, DO NOT assume that by having a large Asian or Indian demographic in your course that the rate of 'Locals' are low , chances are most of them are Aussies....(Including 75% of Bharat and L.U.T.S, You know what I'm talking about :yes:)
    Yes we do have a lot of trade level/tech level schools (TAFE). These provide diplomas as opposed to degrees and are a great alternative for individuals who dropped out of school early or for individuals who do not have enough time and resources to go to a university. Either way a diploma in certain courses hold more sway than certain degrees when it comes to employment. The employer looks at the practical knowledge learned during the diploma favourably as opposed to the theoretical (and some project work) conducted during degrees.
    Last point
    You know (I hope you do) that Sydney University is the ONLY University in the greater Sydney area that offers medicine, Yes you have University of Newcastle and New England, but are located hundreds of Kms away. This is due to keeping the standards of the doctors graduating. And half of the positions on the course are taken by ‘paying’ students. As a result most ‘locals’ go to Newcastle and Uni of New England.
    Engineering is similar with UTS, UNSW, Syd U and Macquarie all being major stake holders. And fore the record Aus is both short of doctors and nurses, as a result half of these spots are filled by migrants who migrated under skilled migration act; however, majority of the Registered Nurses qualified in Aus are top operators, some even better than the doctors (both local and migrant)..
    An inexperienced doctor and a young officer are sometimes the same, at time they both need to make a decision, It does not matter if it is the right decision or the wrong decision as long as a decision is made.. Every second wasted in indecision costs lives, Principle applies in a contact as well as the emergency room.. The Nurses are the NCOs who are competent enough to ‘nudge’ the doctor into making a decision.....I hope I have made my point clear.
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