Convicted in admission scam. Congress MP who said Rs. 5 was enough for a meal

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    Delhi : The Congress's Rajya Sabha member Rasheed Masood is likely to be the first MP to be disqualified under a recent Supreme Court order, after his conviction in a medical admission scam when he was central minister of state for health over two decades ago.

    Mr Masood had controversially said in July that Rs. 5 could buy a hearty meal in Delhi, a comment meant to counter opposition criticism of the Planning Commission's stand that anyone who has access to Rs. 28 a day is not poor.

    A special CBI court today held the 66-year-old MP guilty of pushing ineligible candidates in 1990-91 to medical college seats allotted to Tripura from the central pool, depriving more deserving candidates from the northeastern state. Sources say the MP, who faces anything from one to seven years in jail, may plead for probation on grounds of poor health.

    Mr Masood, who belongs to Uttar Pradesh, has also been a candidate for Vice President and a member of the Congress Working Committee, the party's top decision-making panel.

    The Supreme Court had in July ruled that MPs convicted in a case would stand disqualified immediately. Earlier this month, it stood by the order, rejecting the Centre's plea for a review on grounds that it could be misused.

    Before this landmark court ruling, convicted MPs could continue in office if they appealed against their conviction within three months.

    Convicted in admission scam. Congress MP who said Rs 5 was enough for a meal |
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    Police are investigating an Indian university suspected of issuing fake PhDs after it awarded more than 400 doctorates in a single year, officers said yesterday.

    The police have arrested four senior officials from CMJ University in the north-eastern state of Meghalaya on suspicion of fraud and forgery and are hunting for the chancellor, who has fled.

    "We are not sure about his whereabouts, as he keeps changing his location," senior state police official Sunil Kumar Jain told AFP.

    The private university, established in 2009 in the state capital Shillong, handed out 434 PhDs during the 2012-13 academic year despite its small faculty, arousing suspicions among local officials who filed a police complaint.

    A PhD at CMJ University takes between two and five years and costs 127,000 rupees (S$2,800), according to its website.

    "In good faith, the universities were given permission to operate, but some seem to have taken this for a ride and this is distressing," said Meghalaya Chief Minister Mukul Sangma.

    Credentials fraud is a serious problem in India, fuelled by a huge demand for qualifications, endemic corruption and poor regulation of the ultra- competitive and fast-growing education sector.

    In 2011 a racket in fake airline- pilot licences was exposed, while in 2010 police arrested the head of the national body responsible for certifying medical qualifications for allegedly accepting a bribe.

    The Times of India reported on Monday that PhDs from CMJ were on sale for between US$4,000 and US$10,000, with the amount paid determining how quickly the qualification would be granted.

    S. P. Sharma, a lawyer for CMJ University chancellor Chandra Mohan Jha, accused the state administration of being "prejudiced" against the university.

    Anguished CMJ students issued a deadline, set to expire today, to the Meghalaya government to resolve the debacle and give them some clarity about their futures.

    Full article: Indian diploma mill selling PhDs under investigation
  3. Manmohan Yadav

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    i guess its that time of the year again :coffee:
  4. layman

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    So it has taken 24 years to get the verdict out.... What a crap...
  5. S K Mittal

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    jus waiting when UPA will get out of power
  6. Sagar alias Jacky

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    Need to jail him for seven years and give him only Rs. 5 meals during his whole term, that would be a good punishment for this corrupt idiot !!
  7. smestarz

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    I think he should be put in prison, and health grounds do not apply, after all the scam he was responsible was to provide admissions to ineligible students. I think the medical grounds should apply in rare cases, nowadays everyone seems to be going for medical grounds.

    Why does the prison not have a small 5 bed hospital, and any patient be treated there only and not in other facility.
    After all medical grounds should not really be a loop holes for such criminals who messed the career of some deserving candidates.

    After all why should these people not be hanged? He is public representative and he has broken public trust and also betrayed the nation using his power. So why is this case not that similar to the Delhi rape case in the effects?
    The girl was also an aspiring medical student and she lost her career and life, and same for the other students.
  8. Himanshu Pandey

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    better late then never.. and now he is first victim of new SC law about politicians.
  9. layman

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    Considering the fact that he has spoiled millions of young aspiring graduates future, he should be given the strictest punishment. But Seems like his age and medical stature is a issue in giving a strict punishment.

    Ok. If he is not medically fit and cramping in his old age he should have retired from politics. Why is he holding a post where he cant he held responsible for his acts.
  10. The Drdo Guy

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    Kill this ba$tard mercilessly.Jail is not for politicians they should be hanged.If any mf neta uses his power for his own intrest he should be hanged.There must be a provision in our constitution for bringing these mf to book.This shoul be decleared a rarest of rare crime.Unless untill stringent laws will not be there they will keep doing the same.This young India needs new laws for better governence.
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