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Debate: - Make In India in Defence Sector - Is it Real or just a Hype?

Discussion in 'Defence Analysis' started by PARIKRAMA, Apr 5, 2017.


Make In India in Defence Sector - Is it Real or just a Hype?

  1. Its Real and India is serious

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  2. Its just a Hype

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  3. We are working on it and results will take time ..

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  1. HariPrasad

    HariPrasad Lieutenant FULL MEMBER

    Dec 3, 2016
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    please elaborate what Tejas can not do which Mig 21 can do?
    Ans so far as Indian airforce is concern, they have always deployed planes when they were not fully ready. MKI was lacking EW when they were deployed and it took a decade to do that. Mirages were deployed without gun and remained without gun for 3 years. Mig 21 remained without BVR for decades. So far as tejas is concern, They need everything from day 1 before touching it.
  2. Ankit Kumar 001

    Ankit Kumar 001 Major REGISTERED

    Oct 13, 2016
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    It doesn't mean that IAF will repeat the mistakes of past. Anyways its not IAF wanting everything , its more like HAL claimed that MK1 would have these these capabilities , and IAF "Paid" HAL for MK1 with the claimed capabilities.

    So its right on IAF path as a customer who has already made advance payments to demand every thing , which was promised.
  3. Indian Jatt

    Indian Jatt Lieutenant FULL MEMBER

    Mar 12, 2014
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    For me make in india is something that will setup a stage for future Indigenous industry, its just like a mould to shape of things for the future......For example: Naval carriers, frigates and destroyers are being built in home and only few sensors and SAMs are being procured from outside and that too would be made in India.....even xiaomi and gionee phones are made in india these days
  4. Sancho

    Sancho Lt. Colonel IDF NewBie

    May 3, 2011
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    The answer is, both! But to understand why and why it actually has nothing to do with the new government, one has to go back and understand what "Make in India" is and what policy MoD follows in regard of defence procurements.

    Make in India is not a government policy, but a marketing campaign, developed by an US marketing firm, that was hired by the BJP government, to increase the interest in manufacturing in India!



    They basically did the same, what we have seen in the incredible India campaign, which was created to increase interest in tourism in India and the more these terms, or advertisements will be repeated, the higher the marketing value!

    From a pure marketing point of view, Make in India is a big success, since the PM was able to spread the campaign, during his foreign visits and made the advertisements, that were placed all over the world more effective.

    The important point of the marketing campaign however is, that it's not encouraging indigenous developments, but "manufacturing" in India. We want companies from all over the world, to outsource or build up production to India, which creates jobs, but not necessarily home made products!

    In defence this means, that production diverted to India via offsets, is fulfilling the "Make in India" marketing aim as well!
    The 36 Rafales for example, will be produced in France, but 20% of the value of the deal, needs to be re-invested into manufacturing parts (not necessarily Rafale parts) in India!

    So is the deal a success manufacturing in India and the government?

    No for both, because the initial intention was to get far more manufacturing and critical know how to India, with the MMRCA licence production and the much higher value of the deal, also had required much higher re-investments into India from the winning vendors.

    Moreover, since "Make in India" is not a government policy, defence deals are still made via the DPP under different categories, like the "Make" or "Buy and Make (Indian)"!
    The latter applies for any procurement of a foreign defence product, that will be build or assembled in India. The LUH deal, for around 200 Kamov 226 helicopters for example, the K9 or M777 howitzers.


    The "Buy and make Indian" category, however was implemented to the DPP in 2013, by the former government and the defence minister A.K. Antony:


    So while the new government is making a good job in hyping their marketing campaign and increasing the FDI limits, the push to making India to a manufacturing hub and include the private industry were already started under the policies of the UPA government.
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