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Defence Experts Slam Abdullah, Accuse Him of Speaking Separatists' Language

Discussion in 'National Politics' started by PARIKRAMA, Feb 26, 2017.


    PARIKRAMA Captain IDF NewBie

    Mar 24, 2016
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    Defence Experts Slam Abdullah, Accuse Him of Speaking Separatists' Language

    Out of Power! Out of Bounds!

    : A day after former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Farooq Abdullah remarked that the youth of the valley was picking up ammunition not to become legislators, but to fight for the freedom the valley, defense experts on Saturday said the former was speaking the language of separatists.

    Defense Expert Sunil Deshpande said the National Conference president made such an ‘irrelevant’ comment to mark his presence.

    “Farooq Abdullah has again spoken the language of separatists. He has not made up his mind. When he is in power, the National Conference (NC) speaks something else and when they are out of power, they speak something else. Farooq Abdullah wants to show his presence. In fact, he is irrelevant but he wants to show he is relevant and that is why he makes such statements,” Deshpande told ANI.

    Deshpande further extended his support towards the Indian Army, saying that the forces should not be perturbed by such kind of statements and should continue doing their operations.

    “The Indian Army should not be disturbed by such kind of statements. They should carry out their operations in the way the Chief of the Army Staff has said,” he said.

    Another defense expert, Shivali Deshpande reverberated the opinion, saying Abdullah’s statement was uncalled for.

    All the political parties in Jammu and Kashmir follow the same pattern only to create unrest, Shivali told ANI.

    “The statement made by Farooq Abdullah is absolutely irrelevant and uncalled for. In fact, he is speaking the lines of separatists. If you see history, this has been the line of all political parties of Kashmir which are not in power. When the NC was in power, they spoke differently. When they are not in power, they are siding with the separatists. Same was the case with the PDP and same is the case with any government in Jammu and Kashmir,” she said.

    “After the Chief of the Army Staff, there has been a bit of unrest in Jammu and Kashmir. So, such kinds of statements are made by the political leaders to instigate people, to make them protest. This statement should be ignored. The Indian Army should not be perturbed by this,” she added.

    Earlier, Farooq Abdullah said the youth were sacrificing their lives to solve the issue of Jammu and Kashmir.

    Addressing workers at the Nawa-e-Subh party headquarters in Srinagar, Abdullah said, “Today, when our boys are rendering sacrifices, they are not aspiring to become MLAs, MPs or ministers. They are giving sacrifices to demand their right. This is our land and we are its rightful owners.”

    Abdullah’s statement came days after Army Chief General Bipin Rawat warned stone pelters not to interfere with army operations in Kashmir.

    General Rawat had, earlier this month, said, “People who have picked up arms, the local boys, if they want to continue with such acts of terrorism and display flags of ISIS and Pakistan, then we will treat them as anti-national elements and go helter-skelter for them. They may survive today but we will get them tomorrow. Our relentless operations will continue.”


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  2. IndiranChandiran

    IndiranChandiran Lieutenant FULL MEMBER

    Jan 31, 2017
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    And Farooq Abdullah continues the glorious tradition established by his father of seeking an independent Kashmir .Sheikh Abdullah played India against Pakistan hoping to inaugurate a dynasty ruling independent J & K whose security would be guaranteed by Pakistan & India a la Switzerland ,like the erstwhile Dogras thus effectively stalling indefinitely & properly the integration of J & K into the union of India .Nehru saw through this game a bit late & acted upon it.

    In his last years , Sheikh Abdullah saw that there was no real chance of independence & contented himself with passing on the mantle to his son & successor Farooq who after his own run ins with various regimes in Delhi decided soft separatism is the only way to remain relevant in & amongst the local populace in J&K .

    Hence , the NC & the PDP keep alternating power with soft separatism depending on whether they run the government or are in opposition .
    From the point of view of the security establishment & South Block , they'd rather have a pliant opposition whom they can control irrespective of the "blasphemy" they indulge in from time to time .

    An aside , the Valley which happens to be the heartland of separatism comprises some 15% of the total area of J&K we control with a population nearing 7 million .

    For all the resources we've poured in , either the local populace is remarkably resilient in their constant demand for freedom or we've been remarkably incompetent in every sphere of governance for being unable to enable their economic upliftment or to put down their movement with an iron hand like what our neighbours & antagonists have done to similar movements in their country .

    I suspect it's more the latter than the former .

    Consider this , we've just moved in to conduct feasibility studies to exploit the 3 eastern rivers of the IWT - something which has a direct bearing on the economic well being principally of J&K but can also help de stress the water scarcity in the northern most states of the Indian Union .

    All this , when J&K has steadfastly opposed the IWT since day 1 of its implantation .We haven't even been able to use their opposition to drive a wedge between J&K & Pakistan on this singular issue which is a lifeline to the economic well being of both these entities as self sustained political units.
    Modi too seems to have used this after certain developments in J&K forced his hand .There seems to be little to suggest that this was a pre meditated act waiting to be declared at an opportune moment .

    Goes to show the state of strategic thinking in Delhi.Lets hope he makes good on his promises.
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  3. dray

    dray 2nd Lieutant IDF NewBie

    Oct 30, 2016
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    Agree. I think we did a 'good (moderate) separatist, bad separatist' there, that was a mistake.
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  4. lca-fan

    lca-fan Major SENIOR MEMBER

    Sep 9, 2015
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    Beware one more Jihadist Abdullah is born and has gone online.

    After being kicked out of power Abdullahs now want to join terrorism and become terrorist leader, showing their true colors and proving Muslims are not reliable and are mostly anti India. It is better to blast them off.:artillery::artillery::artillery:
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