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Dhoni was given 'out' due to wrong replay, admits ICC

Discussion in 'Sports & Entertainment' started by Kronus, Jul 1, 2011.

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  1. Kronus

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    Apr 20, 2011
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    Dhoni was given 'out' due to wrong replay, admits ICC

    BRIDGETOWN (Barbados): The International Cricket Council (ICC) seems to have once again put its foot in its mouth when it comes to the use of TV replays.

    On Thursday, the world body admitted to a grave but avoidable umpiring error that led to Mahendra Singh Dhoni's dismissal on the first day of the second Test at the Kensington Oval on Tuesday.

    In a cruel joke on the Indian skipper, the third umpire officiating in this match - Gregory Brathwaite - was shown a wrong replay of Fidel Edwards' delivery stride after he dismissed Dhoni off a delivery.

    On-field umpire Ian Gould asked for confirmation of his decision that the delivery was a no-ball, but the host broadcaster - read what you will into it - made a silly mistake and showed the umpire a different replay, of another delivery from Edwards, which naturally wasn't a no-ball.

    Brathwaite wrongly judged Dhoni out caught at mid-on in the 59th over of India's first innings. Upon review, IMG Media - the host broadcaster - admitted to ICC that the delivery that led to Dhoni's dismissal should indeed have been called a no-ball.

    This has to be one of the most embarrassing umpiring errors since technology was introduced. IMG Media said that take these "matters and responsibilities very seriously", but funnily enough added: "This was a case of human error, compounded by a senior replay operative having to return home at very short notice."

    Chris Broad, of the Elite Panel of ICC match referees, said in a statement: "The host broadcaster for this series, IMG Media, acknowledged the mistake and has apologised. Having looked into the situation, I am satisfied it was an unfortunate but honest mistake in what is a tense and live environment. It is worth point out that the umpires followed the correct procedures and are without blame in this matter. Seeing as the game has continued, clearly there is no opportunity to reverse the decision. We are forced now to put it behind us and move on with the remainder of the match."

    The ICC statement further said: "As this series is not operating under the Decision Review System (DRS), the enhanced standards, including the presence of an ICC technical official, is not in place as would be the case when DRS is used."
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