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Dokalam: The Chinese’s ‘Mess’

Discussion in 'Defence Analysis' started by Hellfire, Aug 16, 2017.

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    Bhutan is now a full fledged democracy. That said the King is more than a titular head. Chinese intel is trying to penetrate ordinary Bhutanese voters to get 'more sympathetic' leaders elected. There are 2 factors that drive the Bhutanese:

    A. They are totally dependent on India geographically for their lifeline as of now. (that can change overnight if the Chinese get the railways to Yatung, Chumbi valley)

    B. The Bhutanese no longer fear outright annexation by China under Mao infamous 'five fingers palm technique'. (They did loose their enclaves in Tibet but they are less worried about getting trapped in the infamous 'Enter the dragon debt lair of mirrors').

    While current military action is apt. We need to re-calibrate our policies vis-a-vis Bhutan to protect our long term interests.
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