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DRDO moots export of weapons systems

Discussion in 'Indian Defence Industry' started by lca-fan, Jul 29, 2017.

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    DRDO moots export of weapons systems
    Published July 29, 2017 SOURCE: TNN


    DRDO is looking for exporting version one or version two of some weapon system which become redundant for army because they have acquired newer versions, said its chairman S Christopher here on Friday.

    After inaugurating an exhibition that showcased a wide range of products that they were in talks with countries to export weapons and systems that are phased out of Indian Army due to acquisition of latest versions, he said, “older versions are good for some countries which have shown interest. Some of the systems under development too could be exported. It would also create goodwill.” He, however, did not reveal which countries are being looked at for export.

    He also said DRDO had urged the government to “allow us to test the products which we may not want immediately but can still be developed and exported. Torpedoes, rockets and missiles are a few products that are being considered for export. He gave the example of Pinaki rocket as latest GPS-driven ones have been developed. “The mark 1 and 2 versions can be exported.”

    Christopher also said DRDO products were ranked well world over. “We are fourth in the world in AWAC and fighter planes, fifth in missiles. Arjun is not far away from being the best among some countries.”

    As the thrust is on roping in private companies, DRDO is looking at capitalising on intellectual property. Private companies are being roped in because they are better placed to market and manufacture DRDO products and the army seems to be more receptive when products are presented by private companies. Already Rs 1 lakh crore has been generated in two years. “If we can generate Rs 5 lakh crore in five years we do not have to depend on government for funds.” In this context, DRDO is planning to revive Arjun-based catapult.

    http://idrw.org/drdo-moots-export-of-weapons-systems/#more-142906 .

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