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DRDO to focus on cyber security to keep up with warfare strategies

Discussion in 'Indian Defence Industry' started by Virajith, Mar 9, 2013.

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  1. Virajith

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    Jun 1, 2011
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    The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is preparing a vision plan in which the country’s premier defence research organisation will emphasise on the strengthening of cyber security surveillance.

    Disclosing this here on Friday on the sidelines of a function to celebrate Women’s Day at Terminal Ballistics Research and Laboratory (TBRL), Director General of DRDO, Dr V K Saraswat, said that the document of the vision plan will focus on, among other issues, the strengthening of the surveillance of cyber space.

    He said that the DRDO is also developing the software and hardware system indigenously that will be put to use by defence institutions so that the reliance on commercial hardware and software is done away with to reduce the chances of a security threat. He said that the vision document is being prepared in view of the changes in warfare strategies, adding that “the wars are now remotely fought.â€

    “We will be working on unmanned aircrafts that will be capable of carrying out dog fights and also could be used in weapon deliveries. Until now the focus was to manufacture unmanned aerial vehicles for better surveillance. However these unmanned aircraft can also be used in combat situations,†he said.

    Saraswat added that the DRDO will also focus on manufacturing e-bombs that will ‘disable the electronic network’ of the enemy targets. He also added that the DRDO is currently working on strengthening the defence systems and is working on, besides the upgradation of the existing missile set-up, also the aircraft system in the country.

    “We are currently developing the multiple delivery technology for Agni-V. The development of the technology will be complete by the end of 2014. Under the technology the missile will be capable of firing multiple warheads. Each warhead will be independently guided and one missile can reach out to many targets,†he said.

    DG, DRDO added that they are also improving on the different variants of Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) and in the latest variant they will introduce, besides “many stealth featuresâ€, also an “air-to-air refuel system.†He also added that the DRDO is setting up a large field range at Nagalanka in Andhra Pradesh (AP) to buffet the defence capabilities in the country.

    “The land is currently being acquired for the facility and it will be spread over 400-500 acres at Nagalanka. The facility will be completed in a time of 3-4 years,†he said.

    DRDO to focus on cyber security to keep up with warfare strategies | idrw.org
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    Jan 14, 2012
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    Again DRDO???/:YUNO:
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