Empowering Women in India

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    Cultural Impact on the US's Economy

    While Americans represent about 5 percent of the world's population, nearly one-quarter of the entire world's inmates have been incarcerated in the United States in recent years.[3] Imprisonment of America's 2.3 million prisoners, costing $24,000 per inmate per year, and $5.1 billion in new prison construction, consumes $60.3 billion in budget expenditures. :tsk:

    United States incarceration rate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    10 great reasons to leave India

    10 great reasons to leave India

    Australia: Indian student jailed over bribery scam

    The most recent example is the cheating scandal involving the son of the Minister of Education in Jammu and Kashmir in which school board officials allegedly assisted Peerzada Sayed’s son pass his secondary school exam.

    Other recent scandals include enrollment fraud in Maharashtra, which reportedly cost the government as much as 10 billion rupees. The most pervasive and detrimental form of corruption perpetrated on the primary and secondary school system, though, is basic teacher absenteeism at government-run schools, with about 13 percent of teachers failing to show up for work, yet still being paid.

    According to a recent report by Transparency International on corruption in South Asia, 23 percent of people polled in India had to pay a bribe to government education officials to ensure services. While this pales in comparison to police corruption, in which 64 percent of people polled claim to have paid a bribe to the police, it’s still unacceptable. According to the same report, it’s claimed that 94 percent of people polled believe the education system in India is corrupt, an even higher percentage than in other major South Asia countries such as Pakistan and Bangladesh.
    India?s Education Woes | Indian Decade | The Diplomat
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    10 Reasons people want to leave India

    Far too many Indians wish to quit the country. Here are 10 most common reasons why they want to.

    1. Aggressive society

    Passive-aggressive in the south; hostile in the north. This upsets people. You can sense it on the roads, in shops, in cinemas, in offices. And definitely in places that sell liquor.

    Indians who have spent time even briefly in the West are able to sense the offensive nature of India better. Non-Indians are plain shocked.

    Any interaction with Indians can get violent within moments. The aggression is mostly verbal, but just as bad as physical hostility.This makes people want to leave and never return.

    2. Unchanging politics

    There are six national parties on the Election Commission’s roster, 54 state parties and 1,392 registered unrecognised parties. There are 39 parties with members in the Lok Sabha, 29 in the Rajya Sabha [mostly the same as in the Lok Sabha].

    Yet, when you try to reach the parties with a problem, it’s remarkably the same everywhere. They all have a jaded air. They all think they know more. They all jump to it when you’re willing to fund the party.

    The narrowness of Indian political parties is like a sledgehammer blow when you actually face it. It drives people away.

    3. Anti-everything families

    Such attitude is passed down from generations. Families could be anti-women’s progress, anti-Muslim, anti-Christian, anti-Hindu, anti-meat eaters, anti-free thinkers, anti-anything.

    The first chance youngsters get in such families, they leave. Mostly on grounds of further study. Few return after they complete their course.

    In Andhra Pradesh, for instance, every family with means will boast of people living in the West. Curiously, many of them return to family prejudices when in India.

    4. Timid governments

    It is astonishing how deeply this affects Indians. The tame nature of Indian governments seems to rob them of self-esteem. It is often the first thing that comes up in conversations with friends and family living outside India.

    Governments – barring those of Jawaharlal Nehru and Rajiv Gandhi – have done so little in India that even minor routine administrative decisions appear to be important.

    This creates a sense that anything goes in India. It makes people defensive and they see no hope. Consequently, many Indians rush to leave. Living outside India makes them grateful for being able to leave the country.

    5. Inert justice

    All else being equal, this is the killer.

    In mid-2010, there were 32,127,796 cases pending in Indian courts [Supreme Court, high courts and lower courts together]. Indians who have had to be in court seem lacerated by the experience.

    It creates a conviction that India is an unjust nation. This is enough for people to seek citizenship of other nations. Indians living in the West, principally the UK and the US, speak of how they can trust the system there.

    Indians in India can’t.

    6. Inferior intellect

    Most effort seems centred on keeping backwardness alive. For instance, governments routinely identify communities by their backwardness and keep them that way.

    Ideas are rare. Even those that merely try to be awake are bludgeoned. For instance, the crafty proposition that corruption is fine because it is a leveller. This is like saying addiction is all right because it brings the wealthy and the wretched together.

    Instead of trashing the thought, the person saying so was targeted. Also, the three girls who sang in Jammu & Kashmir were not a rock band. Far from it. They were merely holding guitars and singing. That doesn’t make anyone a rock band but it was enough to trigger backlash.

    The simple truth that drives Indians out: Peddlers abound in India; not thinkers.

    7. Scary schools

    This is one of the top three worries of India. Schools and teachers employed by them seem to be seriously short on integrity and skill. It makes parents so fearful that they’d rather leave than risk disaster in India.

    Those that stay behind, students and teachers, rarely have attractive qualities. It’s so bad that diplomats of other nations posted in India almost never educate their children in any Indian school.

    Progress, if any, comes purely from individual industry. Like the auto driver’s daughter in Mumbai who topped the all-India chartered accountancy exam weeks ago.

    Fact: No Indian university is in the world’s top 200. So they leave.

    8. Yearning youth

    Even worse than the level of education is the fate of youngsters who come through the system. Hope and enthusiasm pull them through, but once they start looking for jobs, it hits them.

    Management students work at call centres, engineering graduates slog it out in IT jobs, and IT behemoths mostly offer data entry and marketing jobs. All of this is soul-destroying.

    The result: Youngsters spend time and energy looking to leave India. The lack of avenues breeds resentment and they leave.

    9. Measly money

    Those who do get jobs hate their fate, instead of looking forward to a life of fulfillment. So miserly are employers that Indian professionals can’t wait to leave the country.

    I know of talented chefs and journalists who have spent lakhs of rupees trying to leave India. One chef I know was offered Rs 9000 a month at a five-star hotel. He felt insulted and is seeking to leave at the earliest.

    Journalists are offered paltry salaries or none at all in the interiors. In many states, owners tell correspondents to attract advertisements so they can take home commission from them. A career in films, too, can be heartbreaking for the young.

    All of them leave.

    10. Talent trample

    Calamity could be brewing in the story of Arjun Tendulkar, chosen for Mumbai’s under-14 cricket squad ahead of others with far better performances. A cricket official has said this was done because ‘he has the genes of Sachin Tendulkar’.

    This official should’ve been sacked, but he is gloating instead. Such disrespect of talent has brought India much disgrace. It makes the nation look like a banana republic.

    It’s the same with politics, cinema, journalism, economy, and even art. It makes people leave. They look for countries that respect talent and are willing to pay for it.

    These are strong reasons why Indians look to leave India – because India is a fair weather nation. You can live here only if the going is good.

    Kamal Haasan felt it this time and he got the media attention. Most of his countrymen don’t.
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    look don't repeat the same shiits again and again :tsk:. always remember, "a murder means when someone's death is caused by someone else, and a rape means when its fully penetrated etc, as we discussed before too." different circumstances are considered in India too, US is not any country living in different planet :wave:

    here, we had first news which confirmed only 799 murders in India while the same in US was well above 11,000+ by guns only, as discussed before??? while it had a more reliable source, The Reuters????? this does mean that there might be at least 10,000 more murders in US by other sources, even if we exclude 20,000+ suicides by guns only??????

    and yes, you can't compare India with Bhutan, as discusses before, as India has more than 36 states, which are more populated than Bhutan?

    even in this certain news you brought here, we still find difference between non-Welfare civilized society of India, w.r.t. to uncivilized but highly armed Welfare Society of US as below:

    Comparison based on per 100,000 (lakh) people

    here, Rapes in uncivilized Welfare society of US = 93,934/ 3100 (100,000) = 30.3 :usa: :toilet:

    Rapes in civilized India = 18,357/ 125,00 (100,000) = 1.47 :india:

    Total Murders in uncivilized Welfare society of US = 16,692/ 3100 (100,000) = 5.38 :usa:

    Total Murders in civilized India = 32,719/ 12500 (100,000) = 2.61 :india:

    total crimes in uncivilized Welfare Society of US = 2,31,13,708/ 3100 (100,000) = 7456 :usa: :toilet:

    total crimes in civilized India = 50,26,337/ 12500 (100,000) = 402 :india:

    => India tops world murder count - Times Of India

    => and yes its a truth that all these dramatic increase in Murders, crimes, especially Rapes, started during last 7-8 years only, check the data's. we even find India to be dropped 25 points on the corruption ranking in just 5 years, out of hardly 180 countries, as below. the very first outcome of inviting the Western Culture and their all the good and bad :tsk:

    and i have said before, if the Indian government doesn't take proper steps to control influence of Western Culture, then soon they will have to build more jails for those people who dont even have house, and living in slums :toilet:

    India 72 in corruption index in 2007

    India ranked 94th in Corruption Perception Index ratings by 2012
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    Rapes in India has been described by Radha Kumar as one of India's most common crimes against women[1] and by the UN’s human-rights chief as a “national problem”.[2] Marital rape is not a criminal offence in India and is still widespread.[3][4]

    Rape in India - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    a similar thing i was also discussing today. there are too many rapes in Australia we saw which don't come in light. people drink and start doing sex with the girls and finally the girls are quite as anyhow its 'common'. while the "forced marital sex" in India, is heard but its isn't like how you people start trying for any girl you find in bars/ pubs :tsk: .....

    and look, UN is nothing but an organization of jokes, don't bring shiits in this thread :wave:
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    Incest: Haryana's shameful social heritage

    It was a national debate on a news channel. Tempers were running high, so were the decibels. The subject was explosive - Haryana's khaps and their diktats. In the midst of this charged atmosphere, a voice rose above the rest, silencing them all. Seema, a law graduate and resident of Karora village, made an allegation that changed the course of the debate. Her brother had been executed for marrying a woman from the same gotra, but that was not what Seema wanted to talk about on the primetime show. It was another shameful reality of Haryana villages she wanted to expose - incest.

    Khaps should look into their homes before passing fatwas on lovers and crying hoarse about honour. Incest is rampant in the state and virtually every home is affected. Where is the honour anyway ?"

    Incest: Haryana's shameful social heritage - Times Of India

    "In the pre-Independence era, in some parts of north India, the father-in-law almost had the right to physical relations with a daughter-in-law, and in most cases the female was not in a position to resist much. The very young husband also had no say in the matter. Widows would routinely be married to a brother of the dead husband. Sharing of the wife by brothers was also not uncommon, " says Ravinder Kaur, a professor at IIT-Delhi.
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    My Comment on SATI:

    It were the main 15 years, 1813 to 1828, of the top of SATI only, when we found around 1.3 murders per 1 million population of India every year. which was for 'only' 15 years of its peak, when British then controlled that "non-Hindu Regime" of Bengal....... and also, as most of those SATI were in fact because of "self willingness", it is more correct to call 'most of' those murders, the 'suicide' cases of 1.3 per million during peak of those 15 years...

    (here we find, for 450million population of India by 1818, those cases on average around 550 murders due to SATI during its peak of 1818 to 1828, mainly in Bengal only....)

    hence here, for example if we compare 1.3 murders per million due to SATI in between 1813 to 1828, with the financial center of Pakistan, Karachi, where we find around 3-4 'Target Killing's on average every day, means around 1000 murders per 8 million population of Financial Center of Pakistan, then it comes around 125 murders per million in today's modern time in Karachi. means around 100 times more murders than peak of SATI, due to the 'Target Killing' culture of Karachi. the SATI, which was allowed under the 'non-Maratha/ non-Hindu' regime of India, the Maratha, who controlled around 85% of India till 1819, excluding Bengal till then :coffee:

    here we find, SATI was limited to Bengal area only, no where else, and for a certain time period of time only and for only those of Bengal who believe in it. even in Bengal, it was seen in "Upper Cast Hindus" only, who accounted for hardly 5% to 8% of Hindu population that time. and it was supported by those rulers of Bengal who were themselves not Hindus while even if Hindu Marathas controlled over 80% India during that time, there was no case found in their region.

    => it is because SATI isn't part of Hinduism, which was in practice by only Upeer Caste representing around 5% of Hindus, by only those of Upper Caste itself who believed in it. even the top most lords of Hindu, Ram and Sri Krishna, were against cast system. all these SATI or Caste were made by powerful people only, to feed their human mentalities to remain on top on the basis of race-differences etc, which were "Social Practice" not religious. (like how White Christians usually discriminated with Christian Blacks till mid 20th century, which is still seen.) Marathas never allowed SATI except few cases which were not known, like how the numbers were very less, almost none, in Maratha's state of India who controlled 80% Indian areas that time........

    My Comment on Caste

    Similarly Caste System was never part of Hindu religion, as it was again a "Social Practice", similar to how black-whites both had division for so long, and still its seen, while both of these races go to Church together...... Lord Ram never hesitated to eat half eaten fruits of an old Dalit Women to give a message that a true believer/ follower of Ram would never believe in Caste System, touchable-untouchable etc. while Sri Krishna clear said many times that, "no one up or down by birth, but only the performance take the people on high status. no matter who is your parents and where you born, if you may outperform others then obviously you are superior to them." then how can someone says himself a Hindu if he/she doesn't believe in their top 2 Lords, the Ram and the Krishna???????

    (i remember his this statement, in a part of Mahabharata serial while giving a lesson to Bheem's son, whose mother was a tribal, while saying, "if you may defeat Rajput then obviously you will be superior to Rajput this way, regardless who is Upper Caste and who is belong to a tribal Caste like you....)

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    say to that man of IIT, never to go Haryana from now onward :coffee:

    also, we do know the falling status of the IIT'ians like your friend, as below :wave:

    => IIT seats go vacant as 769 refuse to join

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    look, i have lived in Western nations for around 9-10 years, and i may ask a question here, "do you see them preparing for banking exams/ clerk exams/ IAS-IPS/ Engineering exams/ Medical Exams/ CA etc??????" in Australia, you may just join an institute with student fund upto $100,000 for tax free fee, but still no environment as most of them are belonging to Single Families. parents keep changing boy friends/ girl friends on time to time, who just don't care of their kids, and the kids also follow their parents...... while the kids grow under the guidelines of parents, who are the first teacher of their kids, to help them make difference between right and wrong????? too many Single Mothers of Australia have been approaching my friends even when i was an International student and once i saw, a 36-38 year old Australian girl friend of my friend, name Rebecca, with my friend david (Vivek) and her daughter passed night with his Bangladeshi friend in our common bathroom, where others kept visiting too. and in the same flat, my one 25 year old friend, Saumik Paul, became grand father when his part time girl friend Kathy's daughter got pregnant from one of the friend of Saumik itself. it was the time of late 2005 when i then preferred to go to a backpacker of the same Lidcombe suburb of Sydney, while waiting for my permanent visa that time ...

    the "lifestyle" of Western People, isn't hidden to the world now :nono:, and whether this society, based on drugs and drinks, may stand as it is, and how can Indian society may defend itself from this Western Disease, its the question here :tsk:. they don't use technologies developed by their own people, but its the professional migrants of developing countries who helped them have high technologies. we have been discussing "Competent Products" in our management classes in Australia, UTS, while we find only one competition in the Australian schools, who may have how many girls, good on the sports and build body, which does help them in performing good on the side of sports but certainly it doesn't mean for progress. as to have "Competitive Products", you first need to have enough "competition" on the school level to have those professional who would then perform good among them in education?????

    one day i made a simple statement that, "even the 50th ranked Australian swimmer is better than the Indian best, (population 1.2 billion), as there is just no awareness for swimming in India while its the basic thing in the Australian schools. similarly Indian Female Hockey team generally win over the Russian female hockey team as Russians have more awareness on the side of Swimming than Hockey, which is the national sport of India. similarly Pakistan/ Sri Lanka type small developing countries perform good on cricket than Australian many times, as its the national game of Australia, and also of Pakistan/ Sri Lanka both."

    similarly, Indians perform very high on the side of education, as its the very first thing, the Indian kids do since beginning. its so simple that, "when you have a national level of awareness/ 'competition' on anything then you do find the upper side performing very high on that certain criterion. and in Australia/ US, where 50% kids take drugs, mass sex is promoted even in schools since the age of 13-14, they only teach these teenager kids to have condoms before going to toilets with the opposite sex :facepalm:

    no matter how much Social Security/ Free Medical you provide to these shiits of Western nations, im neither wondered to see US performing 20 times better than India on the side of crimes, post#20, neither im wondered when i see them "World Leader" on the side of Prison Population too, as its 'outcome'. and Im only waiting to see, how long this poor social structure of West may stand as it is???????

    its will be interesting to see, at what level they will finally come out of Bill Gate's fantasy, as below :coffee:

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