Empowering Women in India

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    Honor killings and Caste killings does tend to keep women in line.

    The population in India is over 1.3 billion and in Australia its 24 million and Australia preforms better in ever area of education then India,
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    I would like to update my current status on the forums. the message as below is being read by the whole world right ow :coffee:

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    That information for Australia is incorrect. As for the USA I agree. I never lived in the UK for any real amount of time so can't comment. What can help all countries is that governments step back and work for its people, not trying to gain points with other countries.

    The best advice western countries are not what Hollywood or any TV promotes them as. Such as many Indians come to New Zealand with the promise of earning money and becoming rich. Reality is they are poor members of this country straving.

    Hype is never the same as fact.
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    Further to the above post of mine, which puts more attention of building "character" in kids, whether male or female, then empower them. one day i calculated crime rate comparison between Hindu majority India Vs United States of America, the second largest democracy as below:- (the result of lack of character background, and its effect on the society as whole........)

    (this comparison also consider the facts that, American people receive Social Security + Free Medical so they are expected to be less violent as compare to those of Hindu majority India, who live life in tough circumstances, having only 350million Middle Class and rest are Under Class/Poor.)

    Comparison based on per 100,000 (lakh) people

    here, Rapes in Welfare society of US = 93,934/ 3100 (100,000) = 30.3 :toilet:

    Rapes in non-Welfare India = 18,357/ 125,00 (100,000) = 1.47

    Total Murders in Welfare society of US = 16,692/ 3100 (100,000) = 5.38

    Total Murders in non-Welfare society of India = 32,719/ 12500 (100,000) = 2.61

    total crimes in Welfare Society of US = 2,31,13,708/ 3100 (100,000) = 7456 :usa:

    total crimes in non-Welfare society of India = 50,26,337/ 12500 (100,000) = 402 :india:

    hence the Total Crime ration between the two largest democracies of the world = 18.4 :cheers:

    => India tops world murder count - Times Of India

    => and yes its a truth that all these dramatic increase in Murders, crimes, especially Rapes, started during last 7-8 years only, check the data's. we even find India to be dropped 25 points on the corruption ranking in just 5 years, out of hardly 180 countries, as below. the very first outcome of inviting the Western Culture and their all the good and bad :tsk:

    => India 72 in corruption index in 2007

    => India ranked 94th in Corruption Perception Index ratings by 2012

    and i have said before, if the Indian government doesn't take proper steps to control influence of Western Culture, then soon they will have to build more jails for those people who dont even have house, and living in slums :toilet:

    => U.S. most armed country with 90 guns per 100 people | Reuters
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    we have to go a long way to make a safe heaven for women in India. The first step will be jus changing our thinking towards girls.
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    ^^All of those stats rather conveniently ignore the number of crimes that occur in communities that are ignored, suppressed. And there's no point in denying it happens. There's been enough news on the subject as of late to invalidate protests to the contrary.

    What a daftly jingoistic thread this has degenerated into...
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    absolutely there is need tothink over it.
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    and how the societies of US/UK have changed due to lack of "Character Background"? check these two news as below, first price of prostitution is already less in Britain, and at the same time fall of their economy has resulted in upto 50% drop in price, due to the increased competition among these Single Mother women too :toilet:

    and thats why i have said many times, "US/UK/Australia are the countries where men are labors and women prostitutes, and this is what they want to do with rest of the societies of the world." :facepalm:

    neither they have any type of awareness of education, nor they may think for a start from somewhere too, and increased availability of sex workers is reducing their prices too. as, 50 pounds for an "unskilled work" is still better than working for 6.19 pounds minimum wage, as most of these Single Mothers of Britain/US know english only, as a native speaker............

    and any efforts to interfere in the country like India, which is growing in a healthy way, is mainly because of the "Slave Mentality" of British origins of US/UK/Australia/Canada, who will either make slaves, (by a combined national efforts, by uniting the people for the purpose to robb other nations), or, they will finally become slaves. but certainly they can't build their society by their own :nono:
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    double post
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    My Comment on SATI:

    It were the main 15 years, 1813 to 1828, of the top of SATI only, when we found around 1.3 murders per 1 million population of India every year. which was for 'only' 15 years of its peak, when British then controlled that "non-Hindu Regime" of Bengal....... and also, as most of those SATI were in fact because of "self willingness", it is more correct to call 'most of' those murders, the 'suicide' cases of 1.3 per million during peak of those 15 years...

    (here we find, for 450million population of India by 1818, those cases on average around 550 murders due to SATI during its peak of 1818 to 1828, mainly in Bengal only....)

    hence here, for example if we compare 1.3 murders per million due to SATI in between 1813 to 1828, with the financial center of Pakistan, Karachi, where we find around 3-4 'Target Killing's on average every day, means around 1000 murders per 8 million population of Financial Center of Pakistan, then it comes around 125 murders per million in today's modern time in Karachi. means around 100 times more murders than peak of SATI, due to the 'Target Killing' culture of Karachi. the SATI, which was allowed under the 'non-Maratha/ non-Hindu' regime of India, the Maratha, who controlled around 85% of India till 1819, excluding Bengal till then :coffee:

    here we find, SATI was limited to Bengal area only, no where else, and for a certain time period of time only and for only those of Bengal who believe in it. even in Bengal, it was seen in "Upper Cast Hindus" only, who accounted for hardly 5% to 8% of Hindu population that time. and it was supported by those rulers of Bengal who were themselves not Hindus while even if Hindu Marathas controlled over 80% India during that time, there was no case found in their region.

    => it is because SATI isn't part of Hinduism, which was in practice by only Upeer Caste representing around 5% of Hindus, by only those of Upper Caste itself who believed in it. even the top most lords of Hindu, Ram and Sri Krishna, were against cast system. all these SATI or Caste were made by powerful people only, to feed their human mentalities to remain on top on the basis of race-differences etc, which were "Social Practice" not religious. (like how White Christians usually discriminated with Christian Blacks till mid 20th century, which is still seen.) Marathas never allowed SATI except few cases which were not known, like how the numbers were very less, almost none, in Maratha's state of India who controlled 80% Indian areas that time........

    My Comment on Caste

    Similarly Caste System was never part of Hindu religion, as it was again a "Social Practice", similar to how black-whites both had division for so long, and still its seen, while both of these races go to Church together...... Lord Ram never hesitated to eat half eaten fruits of an old Dalit Women to give a message that a true believer/ follower of Ram would never believe in Caste System, touchable-untouchable etc. while Sri Krishna clear said many times that, "no one up or down by birth, but only the performance take the people on high status. no matter who is your parents and where you born, if you may outperform others then obviously you are superior to them." then how can someone says himself a Hindu if he/she doesn't believe in their top 2 Lords, the Ram and the Krishna???????

    (i remember his this statement, in a part of Mahabharata serial while giving a lesson to Bheem's son, whose mother was a tribal, while saying, "if you may defeat Rajput then obviously you will be superior to Rajput this way, regardless who is Upper Caste and who is belong to a tribal Caste like you....)

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    gentleman, you are the only person who shows interests in this topic, otherwise most of the Indians generally blame girls that they get unfair advantage in 'girls quota' in different competitive exams/ jobs. and their blame is definitely true for those girls of Upper Middle Class who generally have enough support from their families to qualify in different competitive exams, then why these 'capable' girls get any 'unfair' advantage over those male competitors who belong to lower - lower middle class of India?????

    here, can you please make a comment on my post as below? this post is entirely prepared by me, as most of the post of this thread too. hence i do need few questions to make this thread further improved :tup:

    my this post as below is mainly intended to find out even a single reason, why Indian Women are not ranked above males in India, in terms of "Equal Rights", more laws to defend their interests, with providing more opportunities to them to qualify in different exams/ jobs. can you and your friends based in US/West help the Indian government agencies on this crucial issue??????

    => http://www.indiandefence.com/forums/social-current-affairs/25552-empowering-women-india.html

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    Technology is meant by the people/professionals not the Firms who employ them

    here, its worth mentioning that it were mainly "Western Christian Nations" who were widely involved in enslaving whichever country they could since 19th century and since then only we find Western economies growing, hence its give us a sense that there is always a role of those who became slaves of West and worked for them, mainly in case of UK's Economy, we discuss in India which suddenly rose when it won over Marathas in 1818 (post#80).

    a country gets industries, high techs, when it has those people who may develop technologies or improve the existing ones and Western firms mainly 'hired' these professionals from developing countries, regardless any religious background. I mean, while drinking every day and changing with new women frequently with enjoying the life with fullest, if you may still manage to study at least 8hours+ every day, on years long hard work with having 'brain' to face competition like in India, then you do have these hard working brains/talents in your country to have high techs. but if the West can't have this type of hard working and high talented people, along with the luxury lifestyle they have, then it simply means that they have to have those 'slave' professionals/brains who may help them have high technologies, simple........

    I have lived in Western nations for around 9-10 years, and i may ask a question here, "do you see them preparing for banking exams/ clerk exams/ IAS-IPS/ Engineering exams/ Medical Exams/ CA etc like India??????". put migrants of US/UK/Australia on a 'lie detector' first and ask them, can these people study, even if they start from today? is this the society which may do study type things? for example, Mr Sunil Dutt was never charged for bad habits in his life, while was it ever surprised for us to see Mr Sanjay Dutt passing few years in jail of US for drugs related offences, along with his other American classmates of US itself????? :tsk:

    I mean to say, "Technology is meant by the people who develop the technologies, not by their bosses who are awarded these Western Scientific Awards and their firms who make profits out of it." "Technology is developed by those hard working people, 'brains/talents', regardless any religious background he/she has." and here we find its mainly the Indians who qualify in competition/interviews of US's firms, engineers and business professionals both, in big numbers. the US's firms who hire people from the whole world but they were always more willing to hire Indian origins as they could prove themselves 'worth' getting high paid employment from US's firms. along with a large number of Doctors migrated to US too to fulfill the skill shortage........

    one day a made a clear statement, "the society where criterion of getting success in life is not education, people are then more willing to commit crimes to go high in life/ to have luxury in life." and this is the foundation of Western Society, little rude but very clear and straightforward statement. and hence, now we find more wars when Western Economies are on free fall :usa:


    for example of Mr Bill Gates, the richest man similar to other US's billionaires, we generally talk that Mr Gates can't develop the technology his company sell, he only did 'business' of the skills he hired from rest of the world, mainly from India. even Hotmail was developed by Sabir Bhatia. US's and most of the Western firms dont have their own people to make them in profit, develop technology/improve the existing techs etc, but its the high skills of developing countries who work for these Western Firms........

    and since Indian Firms have got infrastructure in India itself, similar to China/ASEAN etc, now we find so many wars organized in this world. every year a new war, Afghanistan going on, continuous violence in other parts of world due to US's funding/CIA's involvements, with targeting different countries one by one. Libya in 2010, Syria in 2011-12, and the list is too long if you add US's/Western funded wars for culture/religion/language (english)/ race etc etc....

    just have a look on the shiits they have done in US and then these single mother kids are fed on the tax money of migrants, as below. can you afford to feed these Single Mother shiits in India, once their Western Culture will have got enough ground here????? can you people imagine a day when over 50% women of India will be getting pregnant without marriage, and there is no Welfare in India, like US, to feed these Single Mother kids too? is this EMPOWERING women? :facepalm:

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    I have noticed some posters here making comments based on half truths and falsehoods. The Northeastern(NE) states stand out as a complete opposite to what passes off as 'Women are screwed' tag generalized to India as a whole. IMO this is not just blatantly unfair but also reflects prejudices based on skewed facts. As a more specific example the people of Meghalaya are a Matriarchal society where women are the heads of families, go figure! The NE hill states have a high rate of literacy especially among women. Crimes against women are almost zero. Mizoram and Kerela have women literacy rates in the 90s. There is only one way to women empowerment - Education, education,education.
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    look, im look like little angry with the western media, but have a look on the topic of this thread, India is ranked among those 5-6 nations who are doing 'serious' crimes with the women :tsk:

    with that, India is also put among the most violent nations of the world, posts#20 :facepalm:
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