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EU parliament votes to freeze Turkish accession to the EU indefinitely

Discussion in 'Europe & Russia' started by BMD, Jun 28, 2017.

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    Nov 20, 2012
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    Garbage. An EU immigrant is entitled to welfare after just 3 months regardless.

    If the jobs are taken by UK citizens instead of EU citizens and income rises, both welfare payments to UK and EU citizens will reduce, there'll be less stress on public services and more income tax will be paid due to higher income.

    Nope, it only limits the extent of it and the limits are low for similar countries and high for dissimilar countries. If they're the sort of country that's providing ultra cheap imports, chances are they're not importing much from us anyway because the people there are too low income to buy it.

    (1) Machines is a possibility in some cases but I'm talking about replacing them with our own workers. However in many cases low income industry is actually costing the taxpayer money on net, so who cares.

    (2) So what? They'll still be able to make a profit, just not as much, and the affect can be offset by using EU membership fee and tariffs on EU imports to reduce corporation tax if need be. Small price for them to pay for access to the UK market anyway though.

    (3) Total corporation tax was £56bn for 2016. The difference caused by reduced profits and reduced corporation tax will be partially offset by more companies coming here, more people being employed and higher wages, leading to more income tax revenue and less wellfare. Furthermore it can be paid for by the saving on EU membership fee (£11bn), WTO tariffs on EU imports (£15bn), no more subsidisation of EU students (£2.5bn), reduced JSA and child benefits due to some EU migrants going home (£2bn), 25% tax on remittances (£2.5bn), 13,000 EU prisoners awaiting repatriation (£1.3bn).

    (4) Higher income would lead to increased income tax revenue and reduction in welfare. Higher income means more disposable income, which means more indirect taxes like VAT will be collected.

    (5) The EU sends more to the UK than we send over to them, so more companies would have to relocate here from EU than vice-versa, employment rate would increase.

    No it wasn't. The welfare state was created by the last Lib Dem government after WWI, V4 only joined the EU in the last 10 years or so.

    People claiming welfare can be forcibly matched with jobs if need be, with removal of welfare if they refuse.

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