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    900 million euros
    Spain has 20 Eurofighter fighter jets to the Air Force of Peru



    ( P. Watson, Lima - Local media reports Peru, which have rebounded in the international press, said the Government of Spain have offered to the Air Force of Peru (FAP) transfer sale of 20 Eurofighter Typhoon combat aircraft Tranche 1, with approximately 600 flight hours on their airframes.

    The La Republica newspaper stated that Spain has valued the transaction at approximately 900 million euros, with deliveries ending in a period no longer than one calendar year after signing the contract. The newspaper mentioned indicates that the intention Operations Command (COMOP) of FAP is the progressive replacement media air superiority of the institution (Mirage 2000 and Mig-29), despite the overhaul work in process - in For the delta French - and overhaul and modernization in the squad and changing Fulcrum.

    Most likely, in the unlikely event of a serious evaluation of the Eurofighter, high cost of maintenance and operation, is that the FAP has reconsidered the use of attack aircraft Su-25, more appropriate for Army Aviation and / or Naval Aviation and analyze its replacement by means of air superiority to complement the other two types of fighter aircraft in PAF inventory, likely behind the delay in the overhaul of these means of attack. However, this assumption does not consider the assimilative capacity of the Su-25 for some branch of the armed service two Peruvians, though analysts polled by Infodefensa not rule out the possibility of a transfer of the Frogfoot.

    It should be noted that Mariano Rajoy, president of Spain, recently visited Peru, being received by the Minister of Defense of Peru, Pedro Cateriano, who, in turn, made an official visit to Spain in November 2012. Also, Spanish delegations have visited the South American country to assist in the defense sector reform Peru and eventually unofficial reports indicated the interest - so far unconfirmed by official purchase management - Army of Peru to acquire Leopard 2A4 tanks, stored by Army of Spain.

    The Eurofighter Typhoon to the Spanish Air Force would have considered surplus and available for sale would be copies of the Tranche 1, aimed at air defense missions with limited ground attack capability.

    The newspaper adds that several corporations have submitted proposals for the sale of fighter jets to the FAP, which would be evaluated between the Dassault Rafale, Eurofighter Typhoon, SAAB Gripen, Sukhoi Su-30 (Su-35) Flanker and MiG-29 (Mig-35) Fulcrum and Boeing FA-18E / F Super Hornet.

    España ofrece 20 aviones caza Eurofighter a la Fuerza Aérea del Perú | Infodefensa
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    The RAF Typhoon receives the hundredth

    Tuesday 29 January 2013


    The Squadron of more recent formation in Roya Air Force (RAF), 1 (Fighter) Squadron at Leuchars in Scotland, has taken delivery of the penny jet Eurofighter Typhoon entered service in the air force of the United Kingdom.

    The RAF continues to move in the direction of a combined fleet of Eurofighter Typhoon and F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the first well-proven by the air force is in defense of national airspace capacity both in the ground attack mission proved nel'ambito in Libya, the second - fifth-generation stealth aircraft - expected to radically renew the combat capability aircraft in the UK.

    The commander of the Department of Leuchars, Mark Flewin, said: "There is a correlation pleasant for us in the operational management of the RAF Typhoon cent in the 1st (F) Squadron, precisely in the year of our centenary, being the Squadron originally formed in 1912. department has already begun autonomous operations, and supports the Quick Reaction Alert mission here at Leuchars. I have no doubt that we will make good use of this aircraft to support work standards and a demanding exercise program 2013. '

    Overall, the MOD (Ministry of Defence) will spend a total of £ 18 billion in military aircraft over the next ten years. In this impressive financial commitment includes investments in the fleet Eurofighter Typhoon, for the complete entry into service of the hunting of Tranche 2 & 3 and for the development of multi-role capability and ISTAR surveillance.

    This latest delivery comes after the signing of a contract for 25 million pounds with Raytheon for the weapon system precision Paveway IV. These weapons will be installed on the Tornado used in Afghanistan and ensure new operational capabilities also Typhoon and Lightning II. - Nell'aria c' passione! - La RAF riceve il centesimo Typhoon
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    Tuesday, January 29th 2013- 03:42 UTC
    South Falklands gas condensate discovery in ‘technically and commercially viable”

    Hydrocarbons exploration company Borders and Southern Petroleum announced on Monday that the development of its gas condensate discovery in the Falkland Islands is commercially viable. B&S made its Darwin (East-West) discovery in April and has been carrying out tests to determine the nature of its find.

    Initial studies showed that developing the discovery of the condensate, a liquid form of gas that trades at a premium to natural gas, was both technically and commercially feasible, the company said on Monday, boosting its shares by 12.5% to 27.37 pence in early trading.

    More drilling needs to be done before it will be able to proceed with any project, B&S said, adding that development will cost between 1.6 billion and 3.8 billion dollars.

    Any development by Borders would represent the islands' second hydrocarbon project.

    B&S estimates the size of its discovery at 190 million barrels. The company said it was seeking a partner prior to the next drilling period and has opened a data room for interested parties.

    “We believe that the study confirms our view that Darwin is a commercial standalone development, viable with existing technology. In our view, Darwin will attract significant industry interest,” Numis analyst Sanjeev Bahl said.

    For an oil or gas development in the remote Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic to make economic sense, large quantities need to be discovered. The company said the next step is to prove the extent of recoverable volumes with appraisal drilling and to confirm the predicted flow rates with a well test.

    A 1.6 billion-plus dollars project for a company with a market capitalisation of about 130 million pounds (205.million dollars) is likely to need to be developed alongside a partner.

    The appraisal drilling is seen as relatively low-risk, B&S said, and it is already looking to hire a drilling rig.

    B&S operates and has a 100% interest in three Production Licences in the South Falkland Basin covering an area of nearly 10.000 square kilometres. The Company has acquired 2.862 km of 2D seismic, 1.492 square kilometres of 3D seismic and drilled two exploration wells making a gas condensate discovery with its first well.

    B&S said that in the fourth quarter it commissioned E & P, part of the ThyssenKrupp Group, to undertake a screening feasibility study. The objectives were to determine if the development of Darwin East and West would be technically viable and to provide some high level cost estimates for an economic model. The conclusion of the study was that Darwin East and Darwin West are technically viable as stand alone developments, phased developments or combined in parallel development. Despite a relatively harsh environment and lack of local infrastructure, there is sufficient confidence in current proven technology to develop the discovery.

    The study concluded that the most likely development option would be sub-sea wells tied back to an FPSO for processing and storage of the condensate whilst re-injecting gas back into the reservoir to maximise liquids recovery. The integral storage offered by an FPSO allows condensate to be offloaded to shuttle tankers for export. It has been estimated that a development of this type would take three years from project sanction to first production.

    B&S Chief Executive Howard Obee said he was delighted with the Company's progress to date and extremely grateful to all those that have contributed to success.

    “We have a portfolio containing a very attractive discovery along with an exploration prospect inventory of quality and depth. The Company is now moving into an exciting new phase, as we look to appraise the discovery and add to the discovered resources through further exploration”.

    Oil found to the north of the Falklands by Rockhopper Exploration is due to start pumping in four years time as part of a 1 billion dollars partnership between the company and Premier Oil.

    South Falklands gas condensate discovery in
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    EADS : Cassidian develops new system for Eurofighter training

    01/29/2013| 09:09am US/Eastern

    Cassidian has been awarded a contract by the German Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) to deliver a new Maintenance System Trainer for training the German Air Force's (Luftwaffe) technical Eurofighter personnel. The MST simulates the Eurofighter on-board systems. The unique feature of this system is that, thanks to the scope of the simulation, not only standard work flow procedures for maintenance and repair can be provided realistically and efficiently, but also complex systems knowledge, such as the correct procedure with regard to the detection, investigation and elimination of faults, and for carrying out tests. The current contract involves further developing the Luftwaffe's existing training system, in order to enable training at the current aircraft standard.

    Cassidian's MST is a PC-based Simulator from the 'Virtual Maintenance Trainer' product family. It can be operated as both an independent trainee workstation and as part of a classroom network with 12 trainee stations and one trainer station. At each workstation, the functionality of a single-seater Eurofighter in the SRP 5.1, PSC 3.71 version is simulated in 3D surroundings. An additional Eurofighter cockpit and real controls support the haptic training. A total of several hundred faults can be simulated in the MST, which the trainees can remedy either on their own or under instruction. The MST thus does not replace practical training in the actual aircraft, but does reduce training times in the training machines, the availability of which is limited. At the same time, the MST lowers the risk of potentially damaging the aircraft or endangering the trainees.

    The new system is being developed at the Military Air Systems Centre in Manching in close cooperation with the Luftwaffe's School of Engineering No. 1 (TSLw 1) in Kaufbeuren, and will be delivered to the customer at the end of 2015.


    Cassidian, an EADS company, is a worldwide leader in global security solutions and systems, providing Lead Systems Integration and value-added products and services to civil and military customers around the globe: air systems (aircraft and unmanned aerial systems), land, naval and joint systems, intelligence and surveillance, cyber security, secure communications, test systems, missiles, services and support solutions. In 2011, Cassidian - with around 23,000 employees - achieved revenues of € 5.8 billion. EADS is a global leader in aerospace, defence and related services. In 2011, the Group - comprising Airbus, Astrium, Cassidian and Eurocopter - generated revenues of € 49.1 billion and employed a workforce of more than 133,000.

    CASSIDIAN - Defending World Security

    EADS : Cassidian develops new system for Eurofighter training | 4-Traders
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    If i was ironic i'd say that everyone tries to discard its tranche 1 :dance3:

    More seriously, they cant afford upgrade to block V? (u see G777, i'm improving my culture about EFT :pleasantry:
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    Glad you find it so amusing :dude:
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    We too had our "Tranche 1" which is the version of the Rafale F1. But it is being put to the Standard F3 even though work is important for this. What is hard to understand is why this is not the case with the Typhoon.
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    But to sell 20 eurofighter for € 900 Millions (€45 millions/ Typhoon) is not a good deal if you consider that 600 hours is 1/10 of the life expectancie! It would be more interesting to invest a little bit.
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    Whatever the reason, I am sure its due to Spains recession. It sounds to me they are desperate to sell the aircraft for a quick buck, lower the price for a better chance and reduce airforce by 20 planes.
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    UK adds detail to 10-year defence equipment plan

    PrintBy: Craig Hoyle London

    4 hours ago

    The UK Ministry of Defence has detailed its equipment plan for the 10-year period until 2021-2022, for which its total spending will be just over £159 billion ($240 billion) across the three armed services.

    According to figures included in a Defence Equipment Plan report published on 31 January, around £60 billion of the total will be spent on procuring new equipment, with £86 billion more to be allocated to supporting the operation of new and existing systems.


    Combat air-related spending of £18.5 billion will cover types including the Eurofighter Typhoon

    Some £8.4 billion of "risk funding" is also contained within the spending plan, along with £4.8 billion "to manage cost variation and protect existing projects", the MoD says. Another £8 billion has not yet been allocated, but will be used "to fund, incrementally and flexibly, a number of additional programmes that are a high priority for defence, as soon as we can be sure that they are affordable".

    A combined £44.5 billion will be spent on air-related projects, from which "combat air" activities will get £18.5 billion. This will cover "continuing investment to bring [Eurofighter Typhoon] Tranche 2 and 3 aircraft fully into service," the report says. "Further investment to develop and enhance the aircraft's multi-role and ISTAR [intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance] capabilities are priorities for use of unallocated headroom in the plan budget," it adds.

    The combat air allocation will also include "increasing investment in the [Lockheed Martin F-35] Lightning II" and more spending on unmanned air vehicle projects, including through co-operation with France.

    Royal Air Force transport, tanker and air support projects including the Airbus Military A400M, AirTanker-provided Airbus A330 Voyager and Airseeker electronic intelligence aircraft fleets will account for £13.9 billion, while rotorcraft programmes will cost £12.1 billion. The UK is in the process of acquiring 62 new AgustaWestland Wildcats and 14 additional Boeing CH-47 Chinooks, and is already upgrading its existing Chinooks and Eurocopter Pumas.


    "A capability sustainment programme" for the British Army's Boeing/Westland Apache AH1 attack helicopters (above) is likely to continue the type's use until 2040, while a plan to "address obsolescence and ship optimisation" for AgustaWestland AW101 Merlin HC3/3As - due to be transferred from the RAF to the Royal Navy - is described as "a high priority for future investment later in the decade".

    Weapon systems programmes, which will include the purchase of "missiles, torpedoes and precision-guided bombs", will be worth around £11.4 billion until 2022.

    Land equipment spending will total £12.3 billion, while the Royal Navy's surface ship and submarine programmes - including activities to sustain the UK's independent nuclear deterrent - will account for a combined £53.2 billion.

    After conducting an assessment of the 10-year plan, the UK National Audit Office says the MoD "has taken significant positive steps designed to deal with the accumulated [£74 billion] affordability gap in the Equipment Plan 2012 to 2022". While commending the ministry for "approaching the task on a more prudent basis", it cautions that its attitude to risk "is still over-optimistic" when balanced against its past performance in buying new equipment.

    UK adds detail to 10-year defence equipment plan


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    Some good news.
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    Congrats mate!!:tup:

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