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Executive from Bengaluru operates ISIS Twitter handle

Discussion in 'International Relations' started by AKIIN, Dec 12, 2014.

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    Nov 8, 2014
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    Executive from Bengaluru operates ISIS Twitter handle[​IMG]
    BENGALURU: Central intelligence agencies are in town after a British News Channel tracked down, the operator of one of ISIS's most successful twitter account, @ShamiWitness, to Bengaluru.

    The man identified as Mehdi, works with multinational advertisement firm in the city and lives with his family here.

    This particular twitter handle went on air last year and since has been posting photos and videos of ISIS aggression. He even posted ISIS updates from the front lines.

    "If I had a chance, I would have left everything and joined them. But my family needs me here," he told the channel. He also said he is in contact with British jihadis and announced he believes in beheading.

    City police said they are coordinating with central agencies but believes he must have left the city already.

    The account, which had nearly 18,000 followers, has shut down following reports.

    On Twitter, the account was reportedly followed by jihadist fighters and Middle East analysts.

    He had been encouraging ISIS fighters through his tweets, and had several times posted the video of US aid worker Peter Kassig's beheading.

    Channel 4 reported that his Facebook account was markedly different and had routine updates about dinners and work parties.

    When TOI contacted Twitter India, this what they said: "We do not comment on individual accounts, for privacy and security reasons. We do not proactively monitor content on the platform. We review all reported accounts against our rules, which prohibit direct, specific threats of violence against others."

    TOI has contacted Bengaluru police. They are yet to respond.

    While his Twitter account has been shut down, a blogspot page — linked in his Twitter bio — is still live. The latest blog here is from June last year, titled, "On al Baghdadi's disobedience of Dr Zawahiri", addressing inter-jihadi disputes.

    Another one from May 2013 is titled "When Jihadists are the only ones left standing". Here he talks about the incipient beginnings of ISIS, as noticed through videos doing the rounds online.

    "This is a huge opportunity for jihadist expansion. All the regime advances are happening at the expense of the mostly SMC-allied brigades which are losing ground, partly due to lack of weapons. A logical next step for these hapless fighters would be to ally with the one force that very rarely loses territory to Assad regime : Jabhat an Nusra and allied jihadists."
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