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    Am 16 and a half of age, 6 feet tall and of robust health. Intend to apply for NDA however I've had this nagging doubt as to if my eyesight is up acceptable standards. I've asked some retired officers and they say once can be practically blind as long as corrected vision in 6/6. Seeing spectacled serving officers and cadets also makes me wonder if it'd be possible for me to apply.

    Left Eye 6/9
    Right Eye 6/36

    Left Eye 6/6
    Right Eye 6/6

    I've checked the UPSC and Indian Army sites as well but they're kinda vague. I'd really appreciate it if someone with accurate knowledge could clear up these doubts for me. Thanks in advance.
  2. jagjitnatt

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    The eye sight needs to be a corrected 6/6. But, a Big BUT, it isn't always the case. A lot depends on the examiner, the doctor performing the medical examination. In any Military Hospital, the worst job for a doctor is medical fitness test, he hates doing it. So, he's always rude, bashing, and doesn't wanna pass you that easily. Sometimes they reject you for the slightest of the reasons.

    So, I recommend you start performing yoga, take lots of vitamin A, drink carrot juice, and eat black pepper with ghee. That will improve your eye sight. I've seen 6/9 being rejected at times, who later appealed, and got through.
    Also if you are thinking of getting laser surgery, then make sure its done before 6 months of the SSB interview. And you shouldn't hide it from them. They find it out easily and reject you if you lie. A laser surgery done before 6 months of interview is acceptable.
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  3. Indian Infantry

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    So there exist no hard and fast procedures for a matter as important as officer selection. Odd Thanks anyway.
  4. jagjitnatt

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    There are rules, but they are not always followed. I have personal experience with these people and know it perfectly. I personally know 10-12 doctors who perform medical examination for SSB, and know how they deal with it.
  5. Indian Infantry

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    Oh, that's worrying. In case of a flawed decision does the review board always get it right? (Just whom does the board comprise of?)
  6. jagjitnatt

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    This is the reason I recommend candidates to get a medical examination done at their local hospital. This way they can correct any problems, and even know if they have any major problem.

    If you know that the doctor at the SSB medical examination is wrong and failed you without reasons, you can appeal at RK Puram, and they will arrange for another medical within 60 days of the first medical. This medical will be performed at a different hospital, most probably RR, Delhi, or Base hospital Delhi.

    Things are not very different here, but they know that you appealed a previous decision, which means you really wanna join the forces. So they help you out and examine you correctly.
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    hello sir.. there is a huge misconception which i hold regarding the age limit structure in case i wana give ima(cds)... my date of birth is 7thnov1989...plz help me regarding this ..thakyu :)
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    sir,my knees touch each other when istand how can i get rid of this also i have short sight,how to overcome this ,is laser surgery allowed,how can i appeal if i am rejected due to this
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    hi: plz help to my queries:
    i will be appearing for CDSE this September. I have two medical challenges that are to be taken care of.
    today i got to know through ENT doc that i have a perforated ear drum( i mean a minute hole in the ear drum).This can be easily repaired by a small surgery by patching it with typatic membrane and then every thing gets normal. Will this be a barried to my SSB Medical test. Can anyone reply asap?????
    I have hyper myopia and would want to go for laser surgery next month. Which type of laser surgery Sholud i undergo?????
  10. SajeevJino

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    I think they didn't allow such type of operations....BUT NOT CONFIRM..

    BETTER TO NEED reviews from other members...

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