Eying China, India Plans new East Naval bases

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    Eying China, India Plans New East Coast Navy Bases - Defense News

    NEW DELHI - India's plans to build naval infrastructure on the east coast is a sign of the extra emphasis the country is placing on its defenses against China, analysts here say.

    Defence Minister A.K. Antony told the parliament Dec. 8 that the government has approved building two new naval installations on the east coast.

    "The Government has accorded in principle approval to setting up of certain naval infrastructure at two places on the East Coast," according to the Defence Ministry's official statement. "Coastal security is the top priority of the Government, and a number of measures are being taken separately."

    The locations of the new facilities have not been announced. The Indian Navy has bases at Vishakapatnma, Karwar, Mumbai and Kochi.

    Sources in the Navy said the two installations could house future submarines.

    The Indian Navy is developing a submarine operating base at its new base at Karwar along with the current submarine base at Vishakapatnam.

    The service is also developing the second phase of the Karwar base on the western seaboard, which will eventually be the biggest such base this side of the Suez, an Indian Navy official said.
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    this is good! but we need more nuclear subs, aircraft cariers and alot more destroyers!
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    3 carriers are more than enough for now in the coming decade. Since our base of operations will be in Indian waters for both west, east and south commands we don't need to consider more carriers which will be a headache for Navy's shoestring budget. Our surface fleet is doing good for now as inductions are being made timely and there is little mishaps.

    But the most severe case is of submarines. We badly need 20 spanking new diesel-electric submarines minimum to hold ground against PLAN. Submarine fleet is terrible right now.

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